Saturday, June 6, 2009

5 Questions and 5 Answers

So, here it is. I decided to play along with my pal Gracie from Evenstar Art in a little game called 5 Questions 5 Answers. My delightful friend gave me these questions a few days ago, with a sly grin on her face. She knew that they would be hard to answer...hard because they were thought provoking and soul moving.

Question #1:
If you could pick any historical female to apprentice to, who would it be and why?
Answer: It would be Mary Magdalene of course. Graciel knew I would pick her! The why is simple. I think that our gal Mary got a bad rap in history. She was deemed a prostitute that was lowly and "saved" by Jesus with his gospels and teachings. Her figure is further vilified with allusions in the Bible as Jesus' "chosen disciple"...which leads to a whole new set of questions and allusions of her involvement with Jesus on a much deeper level as his wife (gasp). Either way, good or bad, prostitute or saint, Jesus' companion or disciple...she still intrigues me. If you read some of the books that are popular these days, they dream of a woman that carried a great amount of secrecy and deception in her soul, all in the name of popular religion. The possibility that she could have borne children that are of direct lineage to Jesus just makes me want to know more. I really can't explain it, but I feel a strange kinship to her, almost wishing that I could wipe her slate clean and make her name not be "whore", but loving companion, strength, compassion and love.

Question #2: If you were a bird, which would you be and why?
Answer: I would be a chickadee. Why, because I already have conversations with one or more of them on a pretty regular basis. Even the kids say, "Mom, your bird is out. Go talk to it". Of course I have no idea what on earth I'm saying to it! It could be "you're a sweet cabbage that dances in the moon". They probably laugh their pretty little bird heads off when I go back inside.

Question #3: How do you intend to use your personal power to make the world a better place?
Answer: Aha! Loaded question #1! I am going to answer this as best as I can, since this is a work in progress. Over the past few years, I have changed tremendously. I am on an evolutionary path into becoming someone whom I do not know, but have started to love. My personal power has been taken, given freely (or not so freely), usurped, thrown back at me and been denied by the one that needs it the most...myself. It is only now that I am learning to assert the values that come from a deeper level of understanding...from someone much more spiritual, attuned and less judgmental. I suppose the best answer that I can give today, is that I want the precious souls of this earth to know that we have so much more to learn. I want them to uncover their eyes and their hearts and begin to know their true essences, their true destinies. Maybe by my words, I will make this a better place. Maybe by my jewelry, I will give people hope and inspiration that everything will be just fine, one little piece of heaven at a time.
I reserve to edit this one at a further date :)

Question #4: What are the 3 most important Things/ideas/beliefs that you want to teach your daughters?
Answer: Only 3!!!! OK. The first would be to live a fearless life. I have been embroiled by fear all of my life, thinking that nothing would ever be good enough, ever. I want them to be aware of their own personal power, and how to use their intuition to help guide their ways. My intuition has always been very strong, I just chose to ignore it most of the time when it didn't fit what I "should" be doing. I don't ever want them to feel that they shoulda, coulda, woulda. Secondly, to love with their whole heart and soul...even if it hurts. To have a love so divine that it feels heaven sent can change you forever. It normally doesn't last, but that's ok. Thirdly, I would want to teach them to be spiritually connected to God. I don't ever want them to feel that they are alone, because they are not. I have already started their education on this, one that I will gladly teach.

Question #5: If you had 2 free weeks and unlimited money, what would you do?
Answer: Hahahaha...I would buy more time! I would go to the Mediterranean. I would wake up in a different city every day and eat some of the most amazing food. I would take pictures like a madwoman and I would visit as many Churches as possible. Anyone that would like to come along and play would be welcome, since I would have enough money...but it's my trip, so I decide where we go!

Ok! Whew! So who's going to be next? If you would like to play this game, leave a comment for this post and I'll give you 5 questions. When you do, link back to my blog so that we can keep this going!

Are you ready?
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Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

My Dear Chickadee,

Naturally, I love your answers.

With love from me and Mary. xo


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