Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some new Items for Fall

~*{Intuition Earrings, $35 at Kasiablue}*~

~*{Morgan Necklace, $99 at Kasiablue}*~

~*{The Myst, $349 at Kasiablue}*~

~*{The Rise of Elphaba, $349 at Kasiablue}*~
Sorry that I haven't been around much, my friends.  Although I'm sure that you can see why I have been absent so much :)  Between making baubles, working, kids, hubby, bell choir (we're recording a new cd for Christmas...sooooo exciting) and taking pictures in my new picture tent, there hasn't been much time for extracurriculars!  So please excuse my absence & forgive my neglect.  I promise to make it back more regularly!  I swear! xoxoxo

Monday, September 21, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays....Not What I Planned, but here it is anyway

~*{Angels Calling}*~


Inspired by the unexpected and my sudden, passionate love of yellow, red and most of all orange.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays...Abstraction

~*{Abraction Series 1: Silk by KasiaBlue}*~
All of these abstracts were taken with my camera in the most unsuspecting of bedroom, my bathroom...all areas of muted color and light.  I started taking these pictures as part of an assigment for a great e-course that I am taking :Bones of a Poet given by the lovely Maddie of Persisting Stars.  Going in to a course like this, one never knows what to expect.  My best advice is, expect the unexpecred and be open to all messages that come your way.  Truthfully, I would never dub myself as much of a photographer, so this course was meant to open my eyes up to a new side of me.  It's working, in very interesting ways.
I have found that:
 I absolutely love photography
~*{Abraction Series 1: Rapture by KasiaBlue}*~
The more different and interesting something is, the more I am attracted to it
~*{Abraction Series 1: Passion by KasiaBlue}*~
I love color and the variances that light and dark make
~*{Abraction Series 1: Creativity by KasiaBlue}*~
I need to be creative or my soul light starts to diminish
Nature is absolutely stunning when seen from different angles
~*{Abraction Series 1: The Journey Into Light  by KasiaBlue}*~
I am happy in the light and the dark
I hope that you like these photos!  If you get a chance, dust your camera off and view your life through a lens.  You might be surprised by what you may find :) 
 Later this week, my spin off of Rock Week Continues with another of my favorites...Aquamarine.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rock Week Day 5 - Peace Rocks

~*{Tenderly My Love,  at Kasiablue}*~

~*{Peaceful Dove, at Kasiablue}*~
Ok, so I can't make a peace sign....there I said it.  All of my failed attempts led to the haphazard rose quartz spelled out version of P.E.A.C.E.  Although, you have to give me points for trying!
I'm only going to give you a short tidbit about rose quartz today, because I am just exhausted and I still haven't gotten ready for my show tomorrow!
If you don't know this already, rose quartz is the ultimate love stone.  Love for yourself, for others and for the world.  Simply be wearing this lovely stone, you wrap yourself with a lovely pink bubble that helps to keep things nice and fuzzy!  This stone, in combination with any other gives a gentle, loving vibration that can't be beat!  It's element is water and it's primary chakra is the Heart.
In honor of this day, spread your love to anyone and everyone you meet.  Show peace in your actions and carry it in your heart.  Be the Love and Peace that you want to see in this world :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rock Week Day 4 - Labradorite

~*{Lightning at Dawn, $49 at Kasiablue}*~
Ah, here we are again, back with a new found favorite...Labradorite.  This stone is simply enchanting.  I love the fact that it looks unassuming and dark, almost lackluster, then POW! it shocks you with a brilliant flash of blue, green, yellow and red.  I call it the stone of the unexpected just because of this magical quality.  This feldspar based stone is named after the region that it was first foundin the Labrador Peninsula of Canada.  It's brilliant flashes of layered color is called labradoresence and it simply, totally can mesmerize your soul.
Labradorite's element is Wind and it is beneficial to all of the chakras.
A little bit about Labradorite:
The gem labradorite has been associated with magic, awakening one's magical powers when worn or used in manifestation.  This powerful stone helps one to see time elements in the form of past, present and future, allowing for cross over int o different realms.  Labradorite is also a very protective stone.  It creates a somewhat of a "force field" throughout the aura, shielding the wearer from those who would tap into and drain your energy.  The first "high end" piece of jewelry that I made for myself contained a mix of labradorite, andalusite, kyanite and smoky quartz.  Upon wearing it out in public for the first time, I felt very strange, almost as if I had a barrier around me (no lie!) and found it very hard to intereact with many of the other people that had attended the function that day.  It was only later on that I discovered, after some research,  that the labradorite force field was in full effect! (along with some grounding  and balancing).  I didn't know about the magnificent power of gemstones until that day, but boy, do they work!
Labradorite also assists us in filling the void, so to speak...somewhat of filling in the blank when we ask all of those deep metaphysical questions.  It also helps healers to see disease patterns and brings forth a higher awareness to the soul by accessing the full visualization capability of the third eye. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this installment of rock week!  Tomorrow...Peace Rocks!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rock Week Day 3 - Rutilated Quartz

~*{Dana Necklace, $49 in Goldfill at Kasiablue}*~
~*{Glowing Branches in Black Rutilated Quartz & Green Amethyst, $52 at Kasiablue}*~
~*{Glowing Branches in Golden Rutilated Quartz & Citrine, $52 at Kasiablue}*~
Today is the day that I introduce you to one of my newest friends, Rutilated Quartz.  My growing penchant for this stone has been somewhat of a quandry to me, since I am a true blue girl all the way.  Yet, somehow this haphazard, wild and glowing stone has captured my attention, and my heart.
As you can tell by now, I rely solely on my natural instincts when it comes to picking out gemstones.  I go for what feels right and what I feel I can't live without (which is quite disconcerting to my husband, because he can hear the credit card screaming as I take part in gem-a-palooza).This year as I was making out my list of "must have's", rutilated quartz was number one on my list!  One of my favorite qualities that rutilated quartz possesses is that each stone will never be the same as the next...almost like Mother Nature's fingerprints have been encapsulated in these petite, sparkly wonders.
A little about Rutilated Quartz:
This enchanting stone is generally made up from clear or smokey quartz crystals that have a variety of rutile, or strand like, inclusions that form in random patterns creating a striated, mesh like imprint throughout the stone.  The rutile inclusions(made from titanium dioxide) can come in a variety of colors ranging from golden yellow(the most common) to green, copper, brown and black(also known as tourmalinated quartz ~ where the rutile element is from black tourmaline). It's element is storm and it is useful for every chakra by helping to balance and equalize.
Rutilated quartz is a stone of immense energy.  Some even say that they can feel it buzz in their hands!  Talk about power!  The special thing about this stone is that it is highly programmable (due to the quartz crystal) and because of the rutile inclusions, it's power is amplified by the amount and concentration of the strands in the stone.  This magnificent stone also helps to bring about attunement of the soul and amplifies your intentions quickly, helping you to manifest on a grander level.  It's superior qualities include heightening intuition, emotional catharsis, the expansion of consciousness and interdimentional travel.  It helps to balance all of the chakras and equalizes your energetic field, making you more receptive to insights and spiritual inspiration.
How can you not love this stone?  One caveat though, this stone is not for everyone.  Many can't wear this stone since it carries great strength.  Even though it is great for equalizing, many people can't handle the quick work that rutilated quartz will do.  So, if you are a novice to this stone, choose one with less rutilation and more quartz will  be much gentler on your psyche.  I promise!
I hope that you have found this stone as intriguing as I have.  Tomorrow's installment...Labradorite!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rock Week Day 2 - Kyanite

~*{Blue Storm Earrings $49 at Kasiablue}*~
For day two of rock week, I have picked one of my absolute all time favorite stones...Kyanite.  I fell in love with kyanite about 3 years ago when I started to make jewelry for myself and went to my very first gem show.  Not knowing the ins and outs of what to buy (and what was a good value or too expensive), I decided to buy the things that innately drew me to them.  Needless to say, our love affair began that very day.
A little about kyanite the stone:
Kyanite can range in color from vivid sapphire blue to a dark and muddy brown grey.  It's geological fromation is that of long and flat, bladelike crystals that look like layered sheets of shimmering paper.  In fact, kyanite is not a very hard stone when cut along its parallell sheets, making it sometimes too brittle to be used for jewelry.  Only when it is cut against it's vertical axis does it increase in hardness...a unique and important little tidbit that I will talk about later.  It's element is storm and aligns itself with all chakras, with special emphasis on the Third Eye (6th) and Crown/Head/Heart (7th).
In the metaphysical sense, kyanite is classicly used in healing and releasing old patterns that no longer serve us.  It is one of the only stones that allows for engergy to flow in and out of itself, i.e. does not hold on to energy (due to its two levels of hardness that I mentioned above) allowing the wearer to cleanse and align all of their chakras.  Kyanite is optimal to link the astral and physical body bringing the wearer to a full and connected awareness in all levels of the wearer clear download of information in any state.  That's Powerful! 
Kyanite does come in a variety of colrs and each variation is used for a specific purpose. 
Blue: for lucid dreaming and clearing energy blockage/aligning the chakras.
Green: connects you to the truth in you heart and lends a stabilizing effect to one's natural surroundings bringing forth truth and sincerity.
Black: clears energy blockages in any chakra, balances the system and helps to bring forth past lives.
Indigo (my favorite): Important for lucid dreaming and astral travel.  Indigo is the most energetic of all the colors, helping one to get to the truth of a matter and dispelling uncertainty, letting one have clear vision to attain their dreams and aspirations.
I hope that you have enjoyed today's installment.  Tomorrow we will talk about a new found friend...Rutilated Quartz!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays...Rock Week Begins

~*{The Rock Hound Necklace, $29 at Kasiablue}*~
So Here it Begins....Rock Week.  When I heard about rock week, in the back room behind closed doors, I automatically said "sign me up"!  You see, I have been a rock hound all of my life.  I have picked rocks up off the ground, searching for treasure everywhere I go...little pebbles that glistened in the sun.  As I have gotten older, my obsession has refined itself in to things sublimely more sparkling (and expensive).
So, in honor of rock week, I give you a selection of my absolute favorite stones with a little tidbit about what they mean and how they work in your lives.
The first installment starts with the four beauties pictured above...gorgeous slices of banded agate druzy.  Druzy means that the crystals that have formed in the rock or mineral are still exposed and not smoothed out for shine and polish.  Natural crystal beauty at its best.  What I like the best is that each one is different and has it's own special characteristics that make it sparkle.
A little bit about banded agates:  The above slices are a combination of grey and pink agates, with swirling colors of pink, grey, cream, black and amber.  Agate stones are said to be a great stone for the relief of stored energy, helping fatigue and malaise.  Their name is derived from the Achetes River in Sicily that was a storehouse for this particular stone in ancient times.  The family of agate stones has a variety of names as well that you might find familiar including chalcedony (one of my favorites),banded chalcedony, moss agate, and blue lace agate.  These stones are of the quartz mineral family and their banding is determined by specific metals or minerals that were found in the ground during rock formation.  Each one is unique and different, just like us! 
If you are using these stones in a metaphysical way, take note that agates vibrate at a lower energy and are great for transitional work with a conjunction of other stones, creating energy bridges. 
Pink agate stones are part of the pink ray and help with restlessness, calming of the nervous system and helping you to see the "whole picture".  They are a feminine stone and are associated with the heart and sacral chakras.
Gray Banded Agate (or Bothswana Agate - named after the country of it's primary sourcing) is a part of the gray ray that is positioned to the sacral chakra.  This stone is great for the release of stored energy as well as being mildly grounding.
I hope that you have enjoyed your first installment...tomorrow we'll talk about kyanite!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays...on Wednesday...Prisms and Light Play

~*::{Mystical Earrings in Vitrail Blue}::*~

~*::{Mystical Earrings in Solar Ice}::*~

I have always been captivated by the way that light plays through a prism or glass, causing milllions of sparkles and rainbows to come about. I do suppose, that this was the first inkling of my love affair with gemstones and the like.
I don't know why I have resisted my desires for so long.
So, go ahead, look at the way that light plays off of different surfaces. Discover the way that rainbows of color form in the most unusual of places. Open your eyes to a kaleidoscope of color.
Be inspired by Light.


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