Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Lover is Gone

He was here....
Now he is gone.

Our little lover kitty that
always was hungry
a luscious hunk
of chocolate brown.

We adopted him from the SPCA four years ago
along with our Sophie girl
who went to be in another place
much sooner than he
his hair ends tipped with the most
gorgeous shade of cocoa brown

he was our Cokie Mokie

He was fine thursday morning
hopping up on our bed
begging to be fed in his usual
boistrous manner
I dismissed him
wanting another 5 minutes of sleep
little did I know...

He was gone
in less than 48 hours
his last breaths taken
under our watchful
and helpless hands
praying for deliverance
so that he could be reunited
with his Sophie girl

We will miss you
I will miss you
my little lover boy


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