Sunday, August 28, 2011

learning to float

~:: At the Fair, with Feathers in our hair ::~

This summer has been a whirlwind.  It's been jam packed with parties + get togethers, sleep overs + coming of age... a summer of busy busy + then wait.


That four lettered word that strikes angst and turmoil in side of me.  That dreaded shadow that lurks in the corners, snickering as you sweat it you push your comfort you wait.

I am not your most patient person.  Just ask my friends...they'll tell you for sure.  I am of the generation of instant gratification, of click and it magically appears, of thank you... what's next.  In so many ways I am a product of my upbringing and of the time where my earliest senses of patience developed.  I am a product of my environment for sure, always living for the next thing and not being present in the moment of now.  For some reason, I have always lived in the future.  To what reason, I'm not sure.  Quite possibly I have formed my defenses to surround me and push me forward to live in a better time because, when I was young, the present was too painful.  Some things are hard to unlearn.  The future always holds hope + possibility...much easier to live there than here.

So, as this summer has pressed on at warp speed, I have found myself in a very unique space.  In between the hectic pace and the desperate need to relax...which I have not really done by the way... I have come to the uncomfortable space where old beliefs fall away and new ones emerge.  A space that is uncomfortable, confusing, desperate + needy...but necessary.  A space where boundaries are redefined and old values no longer exist.  A space where you are suspended in air, holding your breath... a space where you float.


So many wonderful things have happened this year for me... the Emmy Swag Bag, my Buffalo News + Corbie's Radio interview, the potential for a new direction with my business.  I am so greatful!  

And yet, I keep coming back to this position of float...
I'm not sure if this is just the uncomfortable space of growth.  As I said before....I have to fight my urges for the quick return.  The instant gratification.  The fast payback.  I have had to learn that the energy that I put out is directly proportional the the return I will receive. 

The more energy the greater the return.

 The farther out this energy goes...the longer it takes to come back.

 Pure physics.

 It's like an goes up and out.  The up energy falls back quickly, in a small radius of initial impact while the out energy stretches far and wide affecting a large radius. 

Accepting the residuals of the up energy is easy...that is instant gratification.  It's fast, quick + sometimes furious.  Learning to wait for the out energy is a more difficult task.  It's the long haul.  The leisurely stroll.   The turtle finally crossing the finish line.

The patience of waitng. 
The art of floating. 
The zen of hurry up + wait.

So...I Float.





Waiting for the next step.

Allowing the energy to come back to me.

Leaving the door open for opportunity.

Opening the window for hope.

Floating above the uncomfortable space of growth.

Letting go of doubt.

Letting in love.

Let yourself float + learn to live the life that is yours alone.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Zen of Hurry Up...and Wait

I just thought this would be cool to first radio interview with the incredibly fabulous spiritual guru, Corbie Mitleid.  It was a new experience for me and was such an honor for me to participate in.  I will be writing a bit more about the subject of Hurry Up...and Wait  once I get back from a much needed playcation.  So take a listen and I hope that you enjoy!

This little snippit comes from Corbie's first show on Empower Radio. 
The Zen of Hurry Up... and Wait

To read more about Corbie and the Feather Silk line of products that I create for her as well....Click here

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Lover is Gone

He was here....
Now he is gone.

Our little lover kitty that
always was hungry
a luscious hunk
of chocolate brown.

We adopted him from the SPCA four years ago
along with our Sophie girl
who went to be in another place
much sooner than he
his hair ends tipped with the most
gorgeous shade of cocoa brown

he was our Cokie Mokie

He was fine thursday morning
hopping up on our bed
begging to be fed in his usual
boistrous manner
I dismissed him
wanting another 5 minutes of sleep
little did I know...

He was gone
in less than 48 hours
his last breaths taken
under our watchful
and helpless hands
praying for deliverance
so that he could be reunited
with his Sophie girl

We will miss you
I will miss you
my little lover boy

Friday, June 17, 2011

Creative Endeavors June 2011

Coral Beach Earrings $49

Solar Flare Necklace OOAK
Available at Thin Ice on Elmwood

Nebula Necklace OOAK $119

Hiding Place Necklace $SOLD

Rivulet Earrings $SOLD

American Honey Earrings $SOLD

Orange Crush Earrings $49

Leaves of Glass Earrings $37

Blue Moon Rising OOAK Necklace $69

Flirt Earrings $49

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sparkle and Shimmer

Shimmering After Sun Body Butter in Sun Goddess and Beach Bum available at



Sea Wish

Cool Water



Goddess (Cashmere and Diamonds)

All jewelry avaialable at Kasia Blue &

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New at Body Luxe & Azure Sky Botanicals....Healing Balms

Body Balms have been used for centuries to treat extremely dry skin and other ailments. Created from unguents, oils and butters, many healers used them to treat their patients in ancient times since modern topical medicinals were not yet developed.  Each salve was hand made with botanicals, herbs and roots...creating a healing poultice made with love and intention.

I created this water free healing balm was to treat very dry and weather or work chapped skin. Created from the most restorative organic butters available, this preservative free balm is super concentrated and nourishing. The unscented version is perfect for anyone, male or female that needs some super skin healing! 

Relax ....comprised of Essential Oils and Essential Oil Absolutes synergistically blended together to impart a calm and relaxed mood. Made from a proprietary blend of Lavender, Blue Chamomile, Bergamot, Neroli and Cedarwood these oils work together to create a synergy of scent that calms the mind and promotes relaxation

Sensual..... comprised of Essential Oils and Essential Oil Absolutes synergistically blended together to create a love filled memory. Made from a proprietary blend of Blood Orange, Sandalwood, Musk, Patchouli and Rose Maroc these oils work together to create a synergy of scent that evokes a feeling of romance, love and passion.

Sandalwood Rose.... one of my absolute favorite combinations. I recently found the most gorgeous grade of sandalwood essential oil that just makes me swoon! Paired with Moroccan Rose Absolute, this scent will soon become one of your favorites too!

Clarity.... this name came about as one day I was searching for a bit of clarity in my own life. Created from a proprietary blend of heart and mind opening essential oils including rosemary, cedarwood, sweet melissa, frankinsence and bergamot. This is a fabulous unisex scent that is grounding and centering for all those looking to settle themselves and be open to receiving a bit more clarity in their lives. Perfect for meditation!

An intoxicating scent of
Amber and Citrus touched
with light woody notes, infused
with the essence of Moroccan Rose.
Beautiful. Strong. Brave. Loving. Visionary.

Sexy, soft and delicious!
And on a final note....Azure Sky Botanicals is now up and running!  I will be adding, editing and refining this site as time rolls on, but I wanted it to be up and running before the Daytime Emmy Awards aire.  Body Luxe on Etsy will not be closing, but will transition into my virtual scentual playground and test site while Azure Sky Botanicals will be the site where the majority of my creations will be sold.

Just in case you haven't heard, my Goddess line has been chosen to be a part of the swag bag that will be given out to all attendees...yes I said ALL!  I am truly honored and can't wait for the world to smell like a goddess!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Garden Full of Delight

Pictures from my garden...finally! 
 It's been so rainy that I was afraid we would have to start buliding an ark... 
but these beautiful blooms have been worth the wait!

~Enjoy the beauty of late Spring~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Body Luxe at the Daytime Emmys

So here it is...Body Luxe is going to the Daytime Emmy Awards! 

Really?  Yes, really.
I was contacted earlier this week by a promoter that puts together swag bags for this event wondering if I would be interested in participating.  Interested?  Heck yeah!  To possibly get my product into the hands of the likes of Oprah and other TV stars and moguls.  Ummmm, I think I'll take it.  Yes please.  Just cream no sugar, thank you.

So now I set off on a course to decide what best represents my brand and how that will translate into my new venture, Azure Sky Botanicals (more to come on that later) as I will be merging Body Luxe with this new brand identity.  What to do, what to do?

And there are boxes to order...
And supplies to order....
And ribbon to buy...

It's been a whirlwind week of trying to decide what to make, then how to get all the necessary supplies to make it happen.  And, I am still in shock, I think, so my brain is a bit fuzzy and all swirly. 

More to come on this very soon!

In the mean time, help me to choose a scent that you think will be a hit at the Emmys!  Leave your choices in the comments box and the scent that gets the most votes wins a free sample of their chosen scent!

Entires must be in by Sunday 5/15!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Broken Mirror

Yesterday morning
I shattered
my passenger side rear view mirror 
It threw me for a loop
My day was messed up
out of whack

I have never broken a mirror
skillfully eluding
7 years of bad luck
I suppose it was time
to shatter
my viewpoint
 pay attention
let go
of the past
whether I liked it
or not

Sybolically speaking
a mirror reflects
what our eyes cannot see
while looking forward
to the future
In metaphor
it hints at
deeper roots
the world's viewpoint
of your inner portrait

many times

The Universe has sent
a message
It says...
shatter your old
self image
let go of the reflection
of your past
it no longer applies
your perspective
it is no longer
your truth
pick up the pieces
throw them out
your gaze
with a new
and create the
that you want
to become


I am listening
and now
I see

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some New Designs

New additions for Spring Summer 2011

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Dream Wedding

I have shared this dream with only a very few, selected lot
people who have or still mean
so very much to me

It's about my dream wedding.
Not the wedding that I had
although it was beautiful in it's own right
It was proper
with the bells and whistles
appropriate for 
the "perfect" girl

But it was not my dream wedding

Let me paint a picture for you..
The sky is a beautiful cerulean blue
as dusk starts to touch the corners
with a lovers caress
It is late September
or early October
and the leaves have started
to show their full kaleidoscope
they gently swirl about my feet
dancing to and fro
like technicolor ballerinas
We are by the water
not the ocean
but placidly still water
the kind that makes you want to
jump in
and cool off on a hot summer's day
right now, it would be a bit brisk
but it is just as beautiful
and soothes my soul
As the seats are put into place
lined up
tied with pale blue ribbon
reserved places
for the souls
that we cherish the most
The path to the center
where we will profess our love
is lined with candles
ready to be lit
waiting to illuminate
casting shadows and light
making everything soft
and glowing
I will wear a blue dress
light and ethereal
I call it Goddess Blue
because that is exactly
how I will feel...
Every girl has a fantasy
for the perfect wedding
this was my
maybe next lifetime...

Sunday, February 20, 2011


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