Saturday, May 14, 2011

Body Luxe at the Daytime Emmys

So here it is...Body Luxe is going to the Daytime Emmy Awards! 

Really?  Yes, really.
I was contacted earlier this week by a promoter that puts together swag bags for this event wondering if I would be interested in participating.  Interested?  Heck yeah!  To possibly get my product into the hands of the likes of Oprah and other TV stars and moguls.  Ummmm, I think I'll take it.  Yes please.  Just cream no sugar, thank you.

So now I set off on a course to decide what best represents my brand and how that will translate into my new venture, Azure Sky Botanicals (more to come on that later) as I will be merging Body Luxe with this new brand identity.  What to do, what to do?

And there are boxes to order...
And supplies to order....
And ribbon to buy...

It's been a whirlwind week of trying to decide what to make, then how to get all the necessary supplies to make it happen.  And, I am still in shock, I think, so my brain is a bit fuzzy and all swirly. 

More to come on this very soon!

In the mean time, help me to choose a scent that you think will be a hit at the Emmys!  Leave your choices in the comments box and the scent that gets the most votes wins a free sample of their chosen scent!

Entires must be in by Sunday 5/15!

1 comment:

Graciel said...

remember, darling of mine, i knew you when...don't forget me on your way to the top. :)

of all the scents i have of yours, and i have alot, i am most mad for "orange blossom". it scents me to sleep every night.

have i mentioned how proud of you and your efforts i am????????

moin, moin for nordfriesland, g


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