Monday, July 27, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays...trash talk

~*::{A Black Eyed Susan, led astray from her home, in front of the fence}::*~

A very short time ago
I became angry
out of nowhere it seemed
it was just a simple task
I was asked to perform
and all I felt
was angry

I don't know where
the tidal wave came from
the overbearing sense
of blood boiling release
I simply could not do it


I could not clean up
the mess left behind
from some one else
when my "house"
was full of neglect

My soul simply could not
bear it
my heart too overdrawn
my body full
of bounced checks
the giving well
had just run dry

I just let it ebb and flow
I let it do it's job
and release the trash
that was holding me back
hoping that this time
my heart would be clean

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Inspired Life Lesson #8...Happiness

~*::{From my overgrown and unweeded garden}::*~
Today I reached out for happiness

and it hurt me

I went to pick it up

to move it someplace nicer

and it poked me so hard

I thought that I might bleed

Although it still hurts

it only chipped a nail

and left my finger tender

I'm not sure if it was a good sign

that when I went for it

it bit me

Metaphorically speaking

many would have a field day with this

I think that it means that

I must reach for my happiness

even if it hurts me

I must move my happiness

to a nicer place

even if it is full of challenges

Where do you keep your happiness?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Fence Me In

~*Photo courtesy of*~
There are days when one is tired
when every ounce of you has been given
All for the good of others
their enjoyment, your duty

There will come a day when
I am on the other side of the fence
There it is...that fence thing again
Somehow I just can't stop myself
from peeking over the top
and seeing who I want to be

Why the barrier
to a blissful life?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays...The Other Side of the Fence

Sometimes we're on the other side of the fence. We are looking in and over, straining to get a view of what seems to be a mystery. Many times the fence is too high, the slats too close together, the hole just a little too small to get a clear picture. Yet we keep on looking for a little snippet of the unknown.
Isn't life that way sometimes? We keep looking on to the next thing, trying to solve the mystery, while forgetting about what we are doing in the here and now. I myself, have been just that person standing on my tippie toes waiting for the magical to appear.
It has been a battle to live in the now. My nature normally doesn't allow it, as I have always lived lifetimes ahead of what I was ready for. Although, I have been trying :)
The pictures above were taken at Seaworld on our recent trip to Florida. All of these beauties were behind a fence of some kind.
Funny how things pan out on the other side...this time, they were beautiful.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Inspired Life Lesson #7...Messages & a Worthy Cause

~*::{Clematis from My Garden}::*~

This week's lesson has to do with asking and receiving. With asking and being open to the messages that have been given to you. This week, ask the questions ...and wait for the answers to come. Be aware of the little signs and signals that give you clues to what is coming your way. Be open to the messages that you get, some may be big and others as subtle as a breeze. Open your mind and heart to all of the possibilities and your deepest desires will be answered. Also, be open to the possibility that what you think that you want and what is best for you are not one in the same. And, last but not least, be very careful what you wish for :)

~*::{Reflections from last week}::*~

In lieu of my normal reflections of last week, I ask youto consider taking part in a wonderful project that has been sponsored by the Etsy community. It's called Etsy Project Embrace where the participating artisans on Etsy dodnate a part or all of their proceeds on selected items in their shops (simply click here and search for etsyprojectembrace). I am one of those participating artisans and have two lovely ladies that my participation is dedicated Mother in Law Barbara and my Darling Graciel's Mother, Mama Wood. They are both in the throes of this disease, one fighting valiantly and the other saying her last good-byes.

Please support this cause in any way you can...buying items, donating your money or time, or by simply passing this blog post to anyone that might be able to give in any capacity.

In addition to the three items that I have listed in my Kasiablue shop on Etsy, I will donate my proceeds on any item in either of my shops, Kasiablue or Poetica, to this cause when someone mentions "Inspired Life" in the notes to seller portion of their purchase.

Every measure of generosity, monetary or not, is needed to help support all of the brave souls that have and will fight this disease. Thank you for reading my blog and for passing this on to anyone that you can.

xo Kasia

Friday, July 17, 2009

Back Flips

~*::{The Famous Shamu, at Seaworld}::*~

When life seems to be way too much...
When you have too many obligations and not enough time...
As you complain about all that you don't have, but haven't looked at all of your riches...
Or just when you feel blue...

Think of all the creatures that live their lives in captivity. Think about their lack of freedom. They are spectacles and novelties, doing backflips for a few fish. How do we liken our lives to these creatures? Are we encapsulated in glass walls just waiting to get to the other side? We can see it, but have the barriers (self imposed or not) that hold us back? What little fish do you crave and what would you do to get them?

I have a strange dualistic love hate feeling about zoos and the like. I always feel more drained when I return, feeling saddened by the fact that we have put these beautiful creatures behind glass bars. I know that as a society we are enamoured with the mystery of others...animals, creatures, aliens, you name it. But I can't help feeling sorry for them. Oh no, now I'm going to start singing Free Willie LOL

I was glad that I got a chance to see Shamu. He reminded me of all the barriers in my life. He reminded me that I can be glorious, if I only believe in myself. I can be awe inspiring just like him. He remided me not to go for the Little Fish, but to aim higher and get the Big One for all of the hard work that I do. He reminded me to keep on my path and to take some chances.
I felt a strange kinship with you Shamu...maybe we swam the salty seas in a life long past. If I could have, I would have given him a big hug and opened the gates!

~*::{Set yourself free from all of the glass barriers that hold you back and live the life you have always dreamed of. You won't regret it!}::*~

Monday, July 13, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays...the Ocean

~*::{Butterfly shells, an ocean treasure}::*~
The Ocean is a magical place. Full of mystery and unusual creatures, it calls to us...beconing our souls to return and wash away our weariness. We stopped at the ocean on our way home from Florida by request from our little moppets. It was their first time coming "home", the waves lapping their feet and salty spray tickling their noses. Our time was limited, as we were on our journey back to real life, but the short hiatus of carefree living was just so restoring. Simple. Beautiful. Fun.
We collected sea shells and laughed at how poorly we pronounced the famous riddle "she sells sea shells by the seashore". It's no wonder that the world thinks that we talk as if our mouths were full of marbles. Nonetheless, our ineptitude was washed away by the high tide that teased our toes as we walked along the sandy shore collecting our little treasures that were smoothed by the waves of time.
As we were about to leave, my husband spotted something in the distance. We stared intently at the horizon looking for another peek at to what it might be. And there they were again, two dolphins swimming together, their dorsal fins popping in and out of the water. Such a sweet treat for our ride home.
The ocean simply captures my soul.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Inspired LIfe Lesson #6...Surrender

~*::The Sunset, taken from our car window on the way home::*~

It's very interesting when you have to let go, to surrender yourself to the moment at hand. You have no push or pull, no give or simply just are. Have you thought of what it would be like to know that you are entering that point of surrender in your life? When you know that all that you have accumulated over the years...your home, your car, your money, your possessions... all that you have worked so diligently for is truly inconsequential?

Over the past week I have had a birds eye view of this surreal process as my Mother in Law started to sort out the things that were given to her...either bought or made by loving hands..back to those who had been so generous. You see, our vacation was not a total vacation as one would plan it. We drove down to the Sunshine state to make sure that our memories of a great lady would be preserved in our hearts. My Mother in Law has cancer that has spread to liver. The origin is unknown as they will not attempt to search endlessly for an answer or place her in any more pain...sometimes it is best to let surrender take over. The swift hand of disease has taken over so rapidly that we truly do not know how long her spirit will grace the earthly plane. Her last oncology appointment was on Tuesday, hospice was there at her home the next day. The siblings have all come to see their Mama Bird, who is too weak to fly, too fragile to spread her wings. We are resigned to the fact that this was our last goodbye.

So, to continue on with the lessons that have been set forth, your lesson for this week is to live in a moment of surrender. Let the natural path of this life take you on a journey without judgement or fear. Take 10 minutes out of your day and think about what you truly need in this life, and what is just an accessory. It's usually then that we find that our lives are not what we wish them to be, because of our focus on what adorns(controls) our attention away from our truest path.

~*::{Surrender yourself to the real you because you are so beautiful}::*~
I have no reflections from last week except ... you are not what you own or possess. You are a refelction of everything that surrounds you, as it is a refelction back on you. Do not be afraid of yourself or what immense wonder you are capable you everything is created. You are life, love and joy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


All I can say is ...

Thank you God

Thank you my Angels

Thank you for listening to my little cry

of "I need a vacation"

It just goes to show you that they listen

so be very specific in your needs

A vacation I asked for

a vacation I shall receive

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you



As I will be taking a brief, and welcome, hiatus I will not be posting much for the week to come...but I will be taking as many pictures as possible :)

So, no weekly lesson...except for enjoying yourself. No Inspire Me Monday...except to say that I am inspired by taking some time to recharge your batteries.

Have a great 4th of July and remember that our freedom is precious...please don't forget to say thanks for all of the liberties that many take for granted.


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