Sunday, July 12, 2009

Inspired LIfe Lesson #6...Surrender

~*::The Sunset, taken from our car window on the way home::*~

It's very interesting when you have to let go, to surrender yourself to the moment at hand. You have no push or pull, no give or simply just are. Have you thought of what it would be like to know that you are entering that point of surrender in your life? When you know that all that you have accumulated over the years...your home, your car, your money, your possessions... all that you have worked so diligently for is truly inconsequential?

Over the past week I have had a birds eye view of this surreal process as my Mother in Law started to sort out the things that were given to her...either bought or made by loving hands..back to those who had been so generous. You see, our vacation was not a total vacation as one would plan it. We drove down to the Sunshine state to make sure that our memories of a great lady would be preserved in our hearts. My Mother in Law has cancer that has spread to liver. The origin is unknown as they will not attempt to search endlessly for an answer or place her in any more pain...sometimes it is best to let surrender take over. The swift hand of disease has taken over so rapidly that we truly do not know how long her spirit will grace the earthly plane. Her last oncology appointment was on Tuesday, hospice was there at her home the next day. The siblings have all come to see their Mama Bird, who is too weak to fly, too fragile to spread her wings. We are resigned to the fact that this was our last goodbye.

So, to continue on with the lessons that have been set forth, your lesson for this week is to live in a moment of surrender. Let the natural path of this life take you on a journey without judgement or fear. Take 10 minutes out of your day and think about what you truly need in this life, and what is just an accessory. It's usually then that we find that our lives are not what we wish them to be, because of our focus on what adorns(controls) our attention away from our truest path.

~*::{Surrender yourself to the real you because you are so beautiful}::*~
I have no reflections from last week except ... you are not what you own or possess. You are a refelction of everything that surrounds you, as it is a refelction back on you. Do not be afraid of yourself or what immense wonder you are capable you everything is created. You are life, love and joy.

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Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

you inspire me, darling. always you inspire me. xo


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