Monday, July 13, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays...the Ocean

~*::{Butterfly shells, an ocean treasure}::*~
The Ocean is a magical place. Full of mystery and unusual creatures, it calls to us...beconing our souls to return and wash away our weariness. We stopped at the ocean on our way home from Florida by request from our little moppets. It was their first time coming "home", the waves lapping their feet and salty spray tickling their noses. Our time was limited, as we were on our journey back to real life, but the short hiatus of carefree living was just so restoring. Simple. Beautiful. Fun.
We collected sea shells and laughed at how poorly we pronounced the famous riddle "she sells sea shells by the seashore". It's no wonder that the world thinks that we talk as if our mouths were full of marbles. Nonetheless, our ineptitude was washed away by the high tide that teased our toes as we walked along the sandy shore collecting our little treasures that were smoothed by the waves of time.
As we were about to leave, my husband spotted something in the distance. We stared intently at the horizon looking for another peek at to what it might be. And there they were again, two dolphins swimming together, their dorsal fins popping in and out of the water. Such a sweet treat for our ride home.
The ocean simply captures my soul.

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Barefoot from Heaven said...

Dear Kasia, I'm so sorry for lacking to visit your blog. My days need more hours...

But as I saw this post I fell in love with the soft colors.... So peacefull. And the treat of the dolphins....Ohh stunning. I see it as blessing from two special creatures to two special other living creatures, meaning you both.

Have a happy weekend.


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