Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Relic

A relic is something sacred, something that is held with great reverence. It's significance imbued with spirituality, faith, beliefs...and power. It has the power to heal and transform. The power to uplift and give hope. The power to open your eyes and make you fight another day. Shrouded in mystery and lore, most relics are not present in our daily lives. They are things that are alluded to, spoken about in hushed words...or simply not mentioned at all.
If you have been reading along here at my little slice of musing and mumblings, you know that a few months ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I want to take this opportunity and thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their support, kind words, hugs, prayers, healing touch and love. I will never forget the love that I have felt from all of you and hope that one day I will be able to spread that love you have given me out into the world as healing, hope and compassion.
One of the things that was given to me at the time of diagnosis was a relic. Inside the ornate be-glitzed exterior (I thought, how appropriate, no?) was a chip of the bone of Sister Maria Angela Truszkowska, the founder of the Felician Order. This woman defined service to God and put the feminine back into play when religious orders were for men only. A true visionary. So, she slept by my head on the shelf behind my bed every night. I didn't really put her there intetionally, it just seemed to be the right place.
There was one caveat. It was not for me to was on loan. I was to keep it only enough for its healing love to work its magic, and then I was to return it so that someone else in need would be able to harness its power.
Today I will give it back to its rightful owner.
I received news that there is no function or activity in the "tumor"...really it's just a smudge. There is no blood flow, no glow in the dark indication that it is alive. I am the one that is alive. I am the one with purpose, for the crash course in mortality was given to me for a reason. It was given to me to assess all that I am doing and have done...and what my next steps will be. I can no longer be complacent and let the world pass me by and think that my inaction and indecision will be tolerated by He who has put my soul here. I was forced to see that my gifts and talents are being wasted on things and places that do not mesh with all that makes me who I am.
The relic has made me begin my path with new determination.
Thank you for breaking me open.
Thank you for the long hard look at my life.
Thank you for the love I have received.
Thank you for my second chance.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Turn Your World Upside Down

I have a wonderful little kitty named Sophie. If you follow this blog (thank you if you do), then you know that Sophie has not been in the best of health. After the first round of antibiotics and steroids last December, she seemed to perk be her old self again. Last week, yet again, she took a turn for the worse and we were off to the Vet's office, only this time we thought it was to say goodbye.

The girls were just beyond sad...crying, writing get well cards filled with hearts and kisses, making comfy beds for her out of towels and pillows so that if she did go to kitty heaven, she would be comfy. I told them to pour their love out to Sophie's heart. I asked them to pet her and show their love for her, that every time they came in contact with Sophie they let her know how much she was truly loved by all of us.

But, Sophie is a fighter. She was determined to stick around and keep us all amused and a little more loved. Her sweet face, and sasafrass voice a constant reminder that she is loved and that she loves us too. So, she will be on steroids for the rest of her kitty life. A small price to pay in our estimation.

The above pictures are ones that I took of Sophie today on her favorite chair in Grammy's room. We knew that things were going to turn around when she was camped out there in the sun.
If we look closely at our world, we can learn a lot of lessons and the one that Sophie taught me today was to turn your world upside down. Lay on your back and look at the sky. Take a rest and enjoy the sunshine. Lay there in its warmth and let it recharge your system. Look at your situation with a new perspective, a different angle. Stretch out and make your body feel good and less stressed. And, most of all, make others laugh at your silly face.

We are all here for a reason. Human, cat, dog, even bug. We are interconnected and serve a purpose. Let us not take the signs and situations that have been given us for granted.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1000 Markets

One of a Kind
only available at
1000 Markets
Whilst perusing the wonderful world of technology and networking, I came across a great new site for selling my little baubles and trinkets. It's called 1000 Markets and it's wonderful! It has a fantastic feel to it, like your own little slice of exclusive personal shopping.

So, in order to diversify myself and the 'biz, I put in my application and waited for my shop approval (all the while trying not to listen to my inner "doubter" voice that kept on saying "they won't approve you, your stuff isn't good enough"). Well guess what, they approved my little shop o'glitz and the rest will be history.

If you have a chance to visit 1000 Markets, please do'll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of offerings. Oh, and look for me too (under KasiaBlue, of course)!

And now, it is time for the vino and a warm fire in the fireplace...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something New

Dulce de Leche for My Gypsy Soul
Gold Vermeil

Dulce de Leche for My Gypsy Soul
Gold Vermeil

Forget Me Not Bracelet
Sterling Silver
Bridal Collection

Murder on the Orient Express
(Green Eyed Lady)
Vintage Copper Bracelet

Princessen Earrings
Gold Vermeil

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let Me Lift You Up

Let me lift you up
all those who are weary
let me strengthen your reslove
all those who have seen sorrow
I will be your guide

Let me hold your hand
and console your despair
let me send hope into your hearts
all those who have felt pain
I will be your salve

Let me dry your tears
all those who are fearful
let me wrap love around your hearts
all those who have been injured
I will be your maid servant

Let me lift you up
all those who have lost
let me give you healing in these days
all those who have said goodbye
I will hold them in my heart

Dedicated to all those who have been touched by the crash of Flight 3407 in Clarence, NY

Know that God is with you, always.
The image is taken from a site called

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bloom Collection Debut

Classic Bloom

Vintage Bloom
Spring Bloom

Pocket Full of Roses

Bachelor Button Ring

Here is the debut of my Bloom Collection. I was inspired to create something that mixed the old and the new, something used and something pristine...a combination of little pieces and parts that make the soul sing.

Our lives are made from these things...the items that we hold dear, the dreams that we hold onto, the past we can't move away from. It's time to bloom and release all of the things that have kept our beautiful face from shining in the sun. We are too amazing to stay hidden in the shade of uncertainty and doubt. deserve it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My love of something old something new

Locket full of Roses

Through a Moroccan Window

Vintage Locket in Opal

My love for all things old has started to become an obsession. Tiny little treasures that I can turn into something new has become all encompassing. I'm gluing, wrapping, applying patinas mixing old with new...then watching things bloom (that's my pal Gracie's favorite word for the year).
I have come to the realization that I have, for much too long, placed the success of others before mine. At work, I train others to succeed (only to have them throw me under the bus). At home, I look to make the family coffers stocked and ready for anything that could come our way...yet they are depleted before I sign the deposit slip.
Maybe this little realization comes at a point in time to make me think of what I need to accomplish. To succeed on my own terms and not worry about all those who think they need my help. I still want to help others, that need to give back won't change. But, I think that now is my time to move forward and break the cycle of self doubt.
So, with that, I am going to go oxidize some brass filigree...and talk to my angels. I'm going to give my husband a big hug and kiss (since he thinks that my obsession with old things means that I'm way too into him (he, he)). I'm going to play Mario Cart with my kids on the Wii, just to hear them laugh when Mom can't make the turn and goes straight into the lava. And, I'm going to keep on hoping for all the good things ...for my friends, family ...and, me.


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