Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Turn Your World Upside Down

I have a wonderful little kitty named Sophie. If you follow this blog (thank you if you do), then you know that Sophie has not been in the best of health. After the first round of antibiotics and steroids last December, she seemed to perk be her old self again. Last week, yet again, she took a turn for the worse and we were off to the Vet's office, only this time we thought it was to say goodbye.

The girls were just beyond sad...crying, writing get well cards filled with hearts and kisses, making comfy beds for her out of towels and pillows so that if she did go to kitty heaven, she would be comfy. I told them to pour their love out to Sophie's heart. I asked them to pet her and show their love for her, that every time they came in contact with Sophie they let her know how much she was truly loved by all of us.

But, Sophie is a fighter. She was determined to stick around and keep us all amused and a little more loved. Her sweet face, and sasafrass voice a constant reminder that she is loved and that she loves us too. So, she will be on steroids for the rest of her kitty life. A small price to pay in our estimation.

The above pictures are ones that I took of Sophie today on her favorite chair in Grammy's room. We knew that things were going to turn around when she was camped out there in the sun.
If we look closely at our world, we can learn a lot of lessons and the one that Sophie taught me today was to turn your world upside down. Lay on your back and look at the sky. Take a rest and enjoy the sunshine. Lay there in its warmth and let it recharge your system. Look at your situation with a new perspective, a different angle. Stretch out and make your body feel good and less stressed. And, most of all, make others laugh at your silly face.

We are all here for a reason. Human, cat, dog, even bug. We are interconnected and serve a purpose. Let us not take the signs and situations that have been given us for granted.

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From This Moment to That said...

Ah I'm so glad your lovely kitty has rallied she is truly gorgeous! Here to many more happy kitty days for Sophie!


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