Monday, February 9, 2009

My love of something old something new

Locket full of Roses

Through a Moroccan Window

Vintage Locket in Opal

My love for all things old has started to become an obsession. Tiny little treasures that I can turn into something new has become all encompassing. I'm gluing, wrapping, applying patinas mixing old with new...then watching things bloom (that's my pal Gracie's favorite word for the year).
I have come to the realization that I have, for much too long, placed the success of others before mine. At work, I train others to succeed (only to have them throw me under the bus). At home, I look to make the family coffers stocked and ready for anything that could come our way...yet they are depleted before I sign the deposit slip.
Maybe this little realization comes at a point in time to make me think of what I need to accomplish. To succeed on my own terms and not worry about all those who think they need my help. I still want to help others, that need to give back won't change. But, I think that now is my time to move forward and break the cycle of self doubt.
So, with that, I am going to go oxidize some brass filigree...and talk to my angels. I'm going to give my husband a big hug and kiss (since he thinks that my obsession with old things means that I'm way too into him (he, he)). I'm going to play Mario Cart with my kids on the Wii, just to hear them laugh when Mom can't make the turn and goes straight into the lava. And, I'm going to keep on hoping for all the good things ...for my friends, family ...and, me.

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