Sunday, June 29, 2008


The Dauphine...named after Marie Antoinette. The colors were all her...very French. I normally don't share my jewelry on this blog, but this one I just had to show off! The pictures almost don't do it justice, it positively glows in person!
Design is copyright of KasiaBlue Designs 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Your lifeblood flows

you are tattered

wings bruised

spirit scattered

to the four winds

devislish thoughts

and deceiving minds

linger deliciously

on your lips

dripping wet

with your lovers


release the demons

whose possession

is consuming

slay their


with swords of flame

coddle your

wonton lover

with a glance

all knowing of

your power

he is weak

from your attention

his wings are


success has come

look at

your reflection

in his misery

Monday, June 23, 2008


Will I live to see the sunrise

awake to your sweet face

the mornings first rays

casting warm shadows

where I kiss your mouth

Am I selfish to believe

that you are not a dream

an apparition still floating

above my consciousness

dancing in the sunrise

Do I take for granted

the warmth of your skin

pressed so closely to mine

your smell, so familiar

your breath one rhythm, in time

I ask not to open my eyes

for this dreamscape

is too divine

Just one more moment

before this bliss passes us by

I love you
in this light

in this moment

in this sunrise
Poem written by Kasia, June 2008
Photograph is a print of an original painting by Lisa Eastman

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Day Has Come To Fly

The day has come to fly

to spread your wings

and glide through the skies

the wind on your back

to lift you higher

The day has come to dance

to begin your journey

of faith and hope

unburdened by past endeavors

free of all obstacles

The day has come to sing

to lift your voice

unto the heavens

like the sweetest songbird

singing its lovers song

The day has come to fly

back home to those who love you

where there is comfort

strength and joy

Outstretch your wings

the little one who has grown

into something so beautiful

you are the creation of love


your day

has come

to fly

I wrote this poem for all of those who finally said goodbye to a place that their heart and souls called home. A place where life's celebrations, trials and sorrows were observed, exalted and ceremonialized. The doors were locked today, shut from all those that would call it their bridge to a higher place. For those of us who have chosen to believe that there is more in life will have one less place to raise their voices, play their voice their intentions in a unified manner.

As the Church doors were locked, beautiful white doves were set free from their barriers...a symbol of God's enduring love. As our parishes merge, we as a spiritual group have chosen the symbol of a butterfly to signify our path of change and growth. For a butterfly starts out as a homely, hairy caterpillar which has to, of no free will, surround itself with a painful layer of protection until it can fulfill its true destiny.

We are very much like that butterfly...surrounded by pain, loss, problems, self doubt and fear. But, we cannot stop our road to destiny. We have to outstretch our wings, poke through every painful barrier until we can see the plan for our road ahead.

The day has come to fly.

Open your soul to the possibility of a new life.

For you are God's destiny.

Poem written by Kasia June 21, 2008. Photos are stock images.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Am I waiting for you to walk in

to save me from the rain

that melts my torturous vanity

that drowns my soul to desparity

Am I waiting for you to take my heart

and dance away the night

it's skirts twirling in flames

like a master with his naive muse

Am I waiting to catch my breath

for I have run ardently from the past

terrorized by its demons and calamity

to be claimed time and again

from a weak heart

Am I waiting for you to make me whole

random pieces of the puzzle

that are force fit into a landscape

that I have come to know as my life

I am unknowing

I am broken

I am willing

I am open

I am waiting

Poem by kasia written June 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Rain has always been beautiful to me.

It's sound is soothing, it's substance nourishing and it's power cleansing.

Today, in efforts to keep my girlish figure, my Husband and I decided to take a bike ride. We're training for the Ride for Roswell...a thirty mile (or more if you're really wacky) ride that raises money to help find ways to cure cancer. (If your heart feels generous and your pocketbook allows, please give to My homepage is listed under Kathy Cummings).
So, since I have committed to the everyday agony of training, I suggested that we go for a ride. And, in all of the "torture" the sky had started to cloud over and we were innundated with huge drops of rain in no time! It was raining so hard that the both of us were literally soaked to the bone. All during this, my husband kept saying "We need to keep pace, we don't want the lightening to get us".
But all I could do
I just kept on laughing to myself, thinking of how much I needed to have all the crap washed away. I had been asking for it for a long time...and here it was in the form a downpour on a Sunday afternoon. By the time we got home I was tired, so very wet, and so very clean.

And, I'll tell you something...if I'm supposed to meet my maker while (grudgingly) exercising to find a cure for an insidious disease, then I guess that God really has a warped sense of humor!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fantasy Life

A few of us dreamers have been chatting for quite some time about living the "Fantasy Life"...and no, it's not that kind of fantasy (although I'm sure that there would be moments ;0 ). What I mean is living the life that would make us the most happy, fulfilled, finacially secure, and so on. We all have a great time joking about never having to clean again or having a pool/cabana boy (wouldn't that be nice~sigh), but then we get right back to our insanely jam packed lives of neccessity.

So, here's the question...what is your fantasy life? What would you like your life to be? Would you be rich or have just enough? Famous or a recluse? Travel or buy a farm? What would you be willing to give up to have this life (we all knew that there would be some price to pay for all this, now didin't we?)?

I want to hear from everyone who reads this blog (thank you small and loyal following)!

KasiaBlue's Fantasy Life:
~no alarm clocks...ever!
~I would be a wildly successful jewelry designer/artist/shopper (not neccessarily for for real treasures) and be self employed with my friends as happy helpers to go along on my treasure hunts
~I would love to be independently wealthy...which I would have to be in order to make this all happen (Mega millions winner or bankrolled by a super rich sugar daddy (who is also super hot and thinks I'm the bomb) matters not to me)
~I would love to travel EVERYWHERE! My gypsy soul needs it desperately!
~my kids would be educated by the best teachers available and would not have the constraints put on them by society that are just plain stupid (that's another post)
~I would have a 3 month honeymoon in Italy, France and the Mediterranean, waking up in adifferent place whenever we felt like it. (wouldn't that be sssooooo nice?)
~I would love not to have someone else plague me with everyday issues that are so truly inconsequential when it comes down to what is really important in life (i.e. could you move that thing over 1.345 mm to the left ...oh no, no, maybe 2.873 mm to the right...yes that's it)
~I want to be madly in love with someone and they equally in love with me for the rest of my life (aahhhh...the romance)
~I would love to be more spiritual and in tune with nature, the world and beyond
~I would host really cool dinner parties for my friends at one of my many villas or retreats

But most of all...I would want my family to be happy, healthy, smart, funny, giving, compassionate, and loving.
And since it's a fantasy life...I'm not willing to give up anything! But, if it could become a reality I would give up my old ways of thinking, habits and constraints that I have put upon myself.

What is your fantasy?


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