Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fantasy Life

A few of us dreamers have been chatting for quite some time about living the "Fantasy Life"...and no, it's not that kind of fantasy (although I'm sure that there would be moments ;0 ). What I mean is living the life that would make us the most happy, fulfilled, finacially secure, and so on. We all have a great time joking about never having to clean again or having a pool/cabana boy (wouldn't that be nice~sigh), but then we get right back to our insanely jam packed lives of neccessity.

So, here's the question...what is your fantasy life? What would you like your life to be? Would you be rich or have just enough? Famous or a recluse? Travel or buy a farm? What would you be willing to give up to have this life (we all knew that there would be some price to pay for all this, now didin't we?)?

I want to hear from everyone who reads this blog (thank you small and loyal following)!

KasiaBlue's Fantasy Life:
~no alarm clocks...ever!
~I would be a wildly successful jewelry designer/artist/shopper (not neccessarily for for real treasures) and be self employed with my friends as happy helpers to go along on my treasure hunts
~I would love to be independently wealthy...which I would have to be in order to make this all happen (Mega millions winner or bankrolled by a super rich sugar daddy (who is also super hot and thinks I'm the bomb) matters not to me)
~I would love to travel EVERYWHERE! My gypsy soul needs it desperately!
~my kids would be educated by the best teachers available and would not have the constraints put on them by society that are just plain stupid (that's another post)
~I would have a 3 month honeymoon in Italy, France and the Mediterranean, waking up in adifferent place whenever we felt like it. (wouldn't that be sssooooo nice?)
~I would love not to have someone else plague me with everyday issues that are so truly inconsequential when it comes down to what is really important in life (i.e. could you move that thing over 1.345 mm to the left ...oh no, no, maybe 2.873 mm to the right...yes that's it)
~I want to be madly in love with someone and they equally in love with me for the rest of my life (aahhhh...the romance)
~I would love to be more spiritual and in tune with nature, the world and beyond
~I would host really cool dinner parties for my friends at one of my many villas or retreats

But most of all...I would want my family to be happy, healthy, smart, funny, giving, compassionate, and loving.
And since it's a fantasy life...I'm not willing to give up anything! But, if it could become a reality I would give up my old ways of thinking, habits and constraints that I have put upon myself.

What is your fantasy?

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