Friday, May 30, 2008

Somewhere over the Rainbow

As I drove into work this morning, I was blessed to see a tiny snippit of a rainbow. It was very faint, almost a figment of my imagination it seemed...but, every time that I looked up, there it was. And, to send the message home just a little more, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" began to play in the backround (no joke ! The gals from Celtic Woman have such a great harmonized rendition on their new cd...a must listen if you like that kind of stuff).

So, what is the message that I was supposed to receive? Rainbows are usually good luck, I have been told ...don't worry Gracie, I bought the mega millions tickets :) They are said to symbolize new beginnings and and forward movement.

Ahhh...maybe at last I will start to become unstuck.

Maybe my Emerald City is just down the yellow brick road (hopefully not laden with wicked witches and flying monkeys...they always creeped me out).

Maybe I will see the path more clearly, with courage, some smarts and little bit of heart.

Maybe the twisters that have followed me around for the past lifetime will finally start to break apart...and the skies will clear.

Maybe I could get a pair of those ruby slippers...they were snazzy!

Maybe...just maybe, it is my turn to find my way home.

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