Monday, May 26, 2008


I feel that I am at a crossroads. I am standing there, looking forward...but my path is uncertain, clouded by perceptions that have been laid before me by all those who think that they are in control. I am stuck there, this quagmire of swirling chaos that is called the present. There, in this space I am dying. Desolation and self loathing creeps in, only to be pushed away by imperfection and fear...such good friends I keep these days. I know that my shell is breaking, the new self wants to emerge. But who is that person? How does she fit into the plan? I would love for someone to point their finger and give me the direction that I need, but everyone around me seems paralyzed...or is it just me?

I am looking to the new breath of each day. Fingers crossed that this one will be better than the next. Hopeful, grateful, and so wanting that change to come. It will be there, I know...but not in my timeframe. For if that was the case, I would be there already.

Photo is a stock photo from a man named his stuff!

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