Monday, May 26, 2008

In These Days of Springtime I Have Walked My Weary Land

In these days of springtime I have walked my weary land
Torn and ravaged by the storms within
I stare at the chaos of my beautiful insanity
Dangling limbs, excised roots, muddy thatches
I am humbled by your power
Enchanted steps taken along the well trodden path
I sidestep the cracks and rough patches
Trying to avoid stumbling, resisting failure
I fall, scraped and muddy
My pride more tattered than my dress
This is the dark abyss that I claim in moments of pure madness
It is these days that resurrect my soul
Correct the solitude of life’s bleak winter
Calm the whirlwind that overtakes my lucid moments
It is the smell of rebirth from the life spring that you create
That is hope for all that are willing to become whole again
In all of the battered land and barren landscape
You are in the process of restoration
Renovating the landscape to the new fashion of the day
A decorator that changes form, size and shape
I am in awe with the realization
That maybe all the destruction was planned
In order to begin anew
Yet, my urge is to stand up against the change
A citadel held strong against the flames and arrows
Steadfast in the battle, unwavering
There is to be no destruction, it is too devastating
Encompassing every memory, every moment
But I am not in control
I do not command the grass to grow
The sun to shine
The wind will blow and I will be changed again
In this springtime I will be reborn from your handiwork

You have plans that I cannot comprehend

Poem written By Kasia May 2007.
Photo is a stock photo...a perfect example of simultaneous destruction and rebirth.

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