Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Is there a moment where only love exists

where you catch your breath

and feel full inside once again

was there a moment like that between us

was that ever our reality to enjoy

uncluttered by expectations and lies

the unattainable fantasy of perfection

Is this where our heart makes its bed

where the soul sleeps lightly

an unlikely accomplice in our little game

treading water patiently, awaiting its rescue

encircled by sharks and debris from its broken vessel

I have never been the person that you yearned for

the one that ignites your passion

encircles your heart with flames

I am the one that leaves you wanting

searching to reclaim your dignity

for you are too weak to speak the truth

I have locked my heart away

seared the bolts shut with my tears

no longer stoic in my ways

there are no more secret passages

or keys left under the doormat

I will not allow this duplicity its lifeblood

Is there a moment where the heart will stay

open to all possibility and newness

even if it is too weak

to get on its knees to pray?

1 comment:

My Mind Clicking and Clicking said...

Your poetry is written from your heart.... and... IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


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