Friday, October 30, 2009

Gilded Harvest

If I were a pumpkin, I would be one of these
Gilded and with a subtle sparkle
Shimmering and changing color
in the moonlight
My color would be irridescent orange
not the hot neon that you normally see
The color of nectar
or a glowing sunrise
with swirling tones of pink, blue and purple
Yes, If I were a pumpkin
I would be one of these
These pictures were taken at Disney World on our trip this past summer.  When I saw them, my heart spoke of home reminding me of the days that I used to be less Cinder and more Ella.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I told my story
and I raised their hearts
without knowing
of the spirit moving through me
I spoke candidly
without fear
or contention
letting my experinces
guide me
to let them know
my Truth
I have long thought
that I would be able
to Inspire those around me
with words from heaven
passed through me
by the power of the spirit
it is my callling
one that I now see
that I must start to
this is my contract
that has been sealed
in the heavens
where my soul danced
with God

Friday, October 23, 2009


Today, the wind is howling
blowing the dust and cinders
in cirlces at my feet
The umber and crimson
colored leaves
have now taken on
an ashen cast
as they murmur their
hushed good bye
a swan song to their
youthful days
in the sun
The wind, it beckons
of the chill that lies ahead
the blustery days
of nature's deep resting
the time for quietude...
the solstice of its soul...
Today, I sweep the cinders
off my feet
and wipe my brow clean
with the wind
of change

Monday, October 19, 2009

Inpire Me Mondays...Epiphany

Here is my own personal quote to inspire you right here, in the moment...

"Sometimes you wonder why you are in a certain place in your life, stymied by the fact that there is no forward movement even when you feel that you have learned all of your lessons, only to realize that you were just there to help someone else along with their forward movement.  When your teaching is done, you will be set free".

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Inspire Me Monday, Maybe Tuesday, A week late!

~*{Romance Noir at Poetica}*~

Although I have been pretty diligent in keeping up with my pal Gracie's Inspire Me Mondays, I have been a bit lax the past week or so.  I guess that the mouse will play while the cat is away....

Either way, I just wanted to write about a little burst of inspiration that came my way today while I am nursing myself back to health from this nasty cold/flu/bronchitis thingie that I have been dealing with for the past three weeks.  After my lovely friend Lynda revamped this blog and all of my banners, buttons, et. al. I wanted her to work on my website.  I have not been happy with it at all since it's inception and I knew that it would have to be a prettier, more functional site for me to grow my business in the future.  Well, this would have entailed switching servers, transferring domains....a lot of technology that I didn't feel was "right" just at this moment (especially since I have paid for this one in advance and would have to shell out some more denieros to get this one going).  I still will have my friend redo my site when the time is right...she's a great gal and did a very nice job for me.  But, today in the midst of switching services, I stopped dead cold.  Something (or someone , for that matter) said that I should try this out one more time before I commit to more monetary expenditure.  So with fingers crossed, and a prayer in hand, I started my journey into redoing my website.  Four hours and many edits later, I came out with something that I like.  It's not designed by a high tech person that can do all the bells and whistles.  I'll save that for Lynda when she sets up my e-commerce site.  But, overall I am happy with the outcome.  I think that it looks elegant enough and still showcases my jewelry in a nice way.

So, as a favor, could you all take a peek at my revamped site and tell me what you think ...honestly.  Your feed back really means a lot to help my business grow, so please don't hold back.  Just one thing, please know that it is a work in progress and I have almost all of the links set...just a few more to go.  Thank you :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Trinkets

~*{Fleur De Lis, $99}*~

~*{Cashmere, $129}*~

~*{A Walk in the Woods, $45}*~

~*{Spices, $349}*~

~*{Rouge et Noir, $99}*~


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