Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some new Creations


Winter Berries

The Snow Lay on the Ground

I have been struggling for some time now with taking the pictures that I want to take of my little gem creations. Time and time again, they were not perfect...somehow something was missing. The lighting was wrong, the backround not right, the angle just a little off.
Then, a few days ago, it happened. I put a piece of jewelry on the pedestal of my favorite lamp and voila, the birth of the right picture was born! All of my favorite designers on Etsy have great pictures...ones that I felt were out of my reach...until now. Many of them employ professional photgraphers who have every gadget and gizmo available to them, along with perfect lighting.
Whoever told me to put the necklace on the lamp...thank you. I am forever grateful.
See, contrary to popular belief, I do listen :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reflections ~ Part I

Things that make me say thanks...

~my lovely, smart and spirit filled children

~friends that love me in the good and the bad, laugh with me until our sides hurt and tears spill from our eyes

~loving touches from the one that I have chosen to be mine

~bountiful food, wine and the fact that (even though I do complain about it) my pants are a too snug for my liking

~success in my business and the ability to continue on the path to inner fulfillment and prosperity

~my freedom to be a woman, without subjugation and humiliation, because I am a giver of life

~the ability to feel my way through life, to be connected to my real being and soul

~laughter, even when you are so tired

~a roaring fire in the fireplace with the snow falling gently outside

~the Hope that all will be just as it needs to be and for the strength to perservere

~the realization that my gifts are special, and that I now am finding that I need to use them to bring love and a positive light into this world
And mostly I am thankful for all that has made me who I am today, for my purpose is being slowly unfolded before my eyes, like pages in a mystery novel that keep you hanging with each new word.

Thank you, Lord. I am beginning to see my way through the forest.
The photo is from a site that sells antique style postcards and cards. You can visit them at

Monday, November 10, 2008

Signs and a Rainbow Moon

I have never seen anything like it...a rainbow around the moon. It caught my attention as I was walking into my house tonight after Bell Choir practice (Yes, I am the head ding-a-ling, being the director and all...but hey, someone has to do it). you all know, I have been asking for angelic intervention to help me along the way and to give me some guidance (and hope). After a rough weekend that broke my heart, I desperately needed some sign...just an inkling of keep me going. To know that I was going to be ok.

So, tonight, I received my sign...a rainbow in the dark.
The gleam of all the colors as they reflected ont he thinly veiled, softly moving clouds is almost impossible to literally stopped me in my tracks.

Maybe the angels knew that even in the darkest of spaces there is light. That the miracle of a rainbow can light the way out of the abyss that is forged from years of of putting your expectations on the back burner, waiting for the validation within love and hope that have failed to come.

Thank you my angels. I now see that there is hope out there for me. That I am worthy of the love that I so yearn for. That there is light in my darkest moments.

The Goddess of Hope is smiling.
The pictures are my own vain attempt at capturing the miracle that was in the night sky. The one shaped like a heart was just my unsteady hand trying to find a way to get a great picture, but the message was there for me to see loud and clear.

Saturday, November 8, 2008



Even the Goddess of Hope cries
tho' she raises all others up
Her broken heart
from wishes unfulfilled
Who will save her from herself
and all that she dreams to be true?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Stillness of Silence

In this silence I am still

waiting for the cacauphany

of life to disturb

my empty bliss

I am alone in her presence

my angel of solitude

as she spreads her wings

to envelop

my wind worn soul

Only she knows

how desperately

I have wanted



for the stillness that she brings

the silence

that roars with peace

and quietude

has become my salvation

she has called me here

from my dreams

the realization

of All That Is and

All That Will Be

In this silence

I am still



renewed with hope
"Autumn Angel" is an original Pencil drawing by an artist named Katherine Stockton. This poem is an ode to my recent trip to Vermont, where the silence and stillness could leave you breathless. Lucky for me, it was just what I needed :)


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