Monday, November 30, 2009


Silently, I contemplate
my release
the purging of my soul
has no boundaries
I am awash with the mysteries
of myself
captured and enamoured
by the complex simplicity
that lies in my heart

Silently, I grieve
Am I to be only half full?
A meager displacement of the wonder
that I have been
in lives before?
Or am I to be
an overflowing cask 
of the sweetest wine
that leaves a warmth in your belly
and a yearning in your heart?

Silently, I dream
I yearn for my new lifetime
Full of amazement and adventure
I look for the breaking open
where the chasm can release
the greatness that has been held inside
for aeons

Silently, I wait.

Cyber Monday

Looks like it's all about Cyber Monday!  THe deals and steals abound.  I personally did not go shopping on Black Friday...after all these years in retail it's the last place that I would like to be at 4 AM!  Anyway, I have my own Cyber Monday deals going at Kasia Blue and Poetica...BOGO at 50% off and Free Shipping until Midnight tonight.  Here are a few of my new items too.  Happy shopping bargain hunters!


Friday, November 27, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

These lovely things are a few of the items that I simply covet.  The colors speak to my soul...harmonious and light on the soul. I hope that you take a fancy to them as well :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shadows Dance in The Sunlight

Taken on our now, not so recent, trip to Ithaca.  It was really the perfect day for family and a little walk in the woods.  I wish that I could have taken a video of this scence, because it seemed as if the shadows danced in the sunlight and the leaves created a kaleidoscope of color.
My favorite time of the year....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Forest

Help me to see the forest through the trees
to set a place for myself
at the table of life
where I can eat with robust apetite
and feel nourished in my soul

Help me to see my clear path
and my true livelihood
where I can make those around me
feel as if their hard work
is not in vain

Help me to have a clear voice
to speak my truth
even if it is just yet a whisper
so that I can bring forth my intentions
with clarity and conviction

Help me to have a focused mind
uncluttered with fear and doubt
to release the albatross
that has clung so tightly
to my back

Help me to see my forest
with all it's technicolored leaves
with it's gnarled branches
and soggy marshes
uprooted havens
for all those who choose to live there
including me

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Winter Preview

~*{The Alchemist, $129 at Kasiablue}*~

~*{Lorelei, $99 at Kasiablue}*~

~*{Mariella, $139 at Kasiablue}*~

~*{Lovely, $42 at Kasiablue}*~

~*{Radiant, $45 at Kasiablue}*~

Driven by a spurt of inspiration and creativity on my "day off".  I was supposed to be cleaning the house...instead, I created these lovely baubles. 

I think I need a maid.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preview of Winter 2009-2010

~*{Ice Princess,$129  at Kasia Blue}*~

~*{Angels and Demons II, $109 at Kasia Blue}*~

Winter Collection 2009-2010
Icy.    Cool.   Decadent.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Much Needed Rest

My friends, I  have needed rest.  With a spiltting headache and dizzy gait, I laid my head down to ease the turmoil that has been created by all that surrounds me.  It worries me, these spells of disjointed chaos reaked upon my physical self.  Maybe it is one more sign to make a choice that will serve my higher good...and not those of others.  I have been burning the proverbial candle at both ands, and the middle as well.  I will need help to extinguish all but one of these flames.  I fear that my life, my sanity and my purpose depends upon it.

Let me shine one light for the word to see. 
Brighter than any flame that has gone before this. 
One light to show my soul. 

One passion to create beauty for all to see.


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