Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Clearance Sale

Hi Everyone! It's winter clearance time at Kasiablue! Many items are marked down up to 50%, so grab the deals while you can. In the upcoming weeks I will start to post some contests and special offers only available to my blogger stay tuned for the deals!

For my regular, non jewelry readers, I will continue to post my musings and insights here...they will just be intermingled with some great baubles and pics.
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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Mary, Mary had a little baby
Mmm, Mmm yeah
Pretty little baby
Mmm, Mmm yeah
Pretty little baby

Glory Be to the new born King

The stars were shining
Shining on the manger
Mmm, Mmm yeah
Shining on the Manger
Mmm, Mmm yeah
Welcoming a Stranger

Glory Be to the new born King

There is reason for Hope in this world
Through our challenges and fears
We are strong and resillient
For we are lifted up and carried
In His hands
He was born to this world
One of sorrow and strife
To give us a reason

For Life

To Him, be all Blessing and Honor
For being our guide
To bring us to the glory of Heaven
To give us the meaning of Light
To travel through the darkness
To unite our spirits as one

We shall carry your torch
Your light burning bright
With tears in our eyes,
laughter in our mouths,
songs on our toungs
and Hope in our hearts.

My Christmas wishes:
I wish for you much happiness, laughter, health, growth, success and, most of all, love for the new year to come.
Please share the love that has been given to you.
Hug your children, your parents, your friends.
Smile at a stranger.
Help those who need it, and those who say they don't...for they need it the most.
Laugh at your shortcomings, not at others inabilities.
Love passionately, even for a short will stay with you forever.
Be kind.
Be humble.
Be strong.
Be loving.
Be all that you can be in the moment that you live in.
Each second is precious.

Merry Christmas
The beginning verse is from The First Noel on Sarah McLaughlin's Wintersong Album. I just love that song. The picture is of my own ornament that was given to me by Fr. Lou Dolinic many moons ago. It is beautiful and special to my heart.

Monday, December 22, 2008


So, what do you do when you hear "we found a small tumor in your brain. But, don't worry, most brain tumors are benign".

The Neurologist told me not to worry, that I might have had it for a long time. I might just live to be 99 and never have it grow any larger. I might never have to worry about it again, but we really need to do some more tests to make sure.

Ok, I won't worry.

Famous last words, don't you think?
I was expecting a diagnosis of a pinched nerve, a slipped disk. But a brain tumor? It could be something, it could be nothing. Now isn't that something? I'm only 36, with a lot of unfinshed business, dammit.

I think I need to re-evaluate my life, my priorities. I have always been of the notion that life is too short and that we have to live each day like it was our last and without regret. That is always easier said than done.
Now, I may not have a choice but to do that.

It could be something, it could be nothing.
Could you say a prayer for the "nothing" option? I think that I need all of the help that I can get :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


This is my Sophie. The one who would wake me up at 2 in the morning because she could. The one that would pounce on our little boy kitty Cocoa and proclaim to all kittydom that she was the Queen of this castle (and all the rest of the world). She is the one that will watch nature programs on tv, tail wagging and jaw a chattering because she was going to get those pesky birds, dammit. The one that was a little piggy and definitely hogged the food, because she could.
Now, my little Sophie is sick. I noticed on Thanksgiving that she seemed just a little skinny. Skinny? Our little moose kitty? She had definitely thinned out through her back side. She decided to start sleeping in the bathrooms, next to the tub...maybe for coolness? Usually the loud mouth, she just looked at you with sad eyes when you called her name. Her breathing became labored. All in a few days.
The vet said, after a battery of very expensive tests, that she is severely anemic, with an enlarged heart, and would need a blood transfusion. The regimine of antibiotics, vitamins and steroids have started, giving her some of the energy that she needs to survive. Best case scenario, she'll be with us for a little while.
Isn't it funny how we become attached so quickly? We have had her and her partner in crime for a almost a year and a half now. But it seems like she's always just been there. Selfishly, I want her to stay forever. That beautiful face has captivated me beyond all reason.
Please, say a prayer for Sophie. If she can stay with us, please let what we are doing, be the magic that she needs. If it is her time to leave us, please make it as painless as possible.
*~*We love you Sophie *~*
Sophie Update...Our little puss is doing much better after the meds (although my husband's hands are a little worse for wear). She has totally responded to the course of treatment and has gone back to ruling the household :) Thank you all for your prayers and kind words xo


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