Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Inspired Necklaces

~*:: Olivet, $37 at Poetica ::*~
Made from an olive green lucite rose, olive vintage melon beads and vintage dappled glass cream beads all on Vintaj Brass Chain.

~*:: Lille in Gold, $32 at Kasiablue ::*~
A glorious Gold Vermeil Calla Lilly and creamy freshwater pearl on vermeil chain making a delicate and romantic statement.  Available in White Gold Vermeil as well.

Just a couple of my new spring designs.  I have been working on revamping my items and design lines...becoming more in tune with my designer side and less of the production side.  In fact, I have taken apart so many of my old designs over the past week to recreate something new and beautiful.  I now have a bevy of beauties to play with!  So, stay tuned ....

p.s. the kitties are starting to adjust, but are still very skittish.  We make progress every day :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations of Bella and Ginny...The Stray Cat Chronicles

~* Day 3...after the capture*~
~* Princess Bella*~
~* Princess Ginny*~
Oh, where do I begin?  These two little minxes are more than I bargained for, most definitely.  They are high maintenance with a capitol H and are smart as whips!  No pulling to wool over their eyes, no sir-eee!  If we find their first hiding place, they find another, and then another just in case. 

 In fact, they have wanted to hide so badly that they found a tight space to squeeze into that led them to be behind the fireplace,  way on top of the fireplace box.  Our fireplace is built out with storage on both never imagining that 2 little stinkers would think it to be the best of hiding places.  Needless to say, my husband had to tear apart one whole side of the wall and get them out the other night.  And, while they ate their dinner on the princess couch, he secured the top hole (which really, was quite impossible to reach, but right now, anything is possible with the two of them). 

Thinking that all was good, the hunt for kitties resumed last night after dinner...which has somehow become our new ritual, trying to guess where we could find them next.  We had found Ginny easily but there was no sign of Bella, anywhere.  Where on earth could she be.  Thinking that it was impossible, we checked the fireplace again and lo and behold, there she was!  Again!  Apparently, upon putting back the shelving the night before, my husband had left just enough gap for her to get through.  Again our metaphor for these girls is home renovation and seal up the holes so that you don't have to go back and fix them when you get 2 new precocious kitties. 

Or really, finish your business because that keeps you from moving forward.  Maybe that is why I feel like I am spinning my wheels sometimes, stuck in the mire of what next.  I haven't closed the "holes" that take all of my energy and place it in areas that don't serve my higher good.  The more energy that I have to put towards finishing things that should have been done long ago, the less energy that I have available for moving myself forward.  Lesson learned!

I have to say that on Thursday, I had begun to think that I had made a serious mistake.  My kids were sad, my husband was scratched and bruised, and I was heartbroken.  We had waited to get them and now they didn't want to be here...maybe they weren't meant to be inside or ours.  But after talking things out with a few super friends, I felt a little better about all of our noble efforts.  They are starting to come around slowly.  I know that it's a process of gaining trust and gosh, they are so darned cute.

It's funny that once we catch them, they are so lovey dovey and want to be petted and snuggled. 
But, first we have to catch them...
get ready, get set, go!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Bracelet Creations at Poetica

Pretty new colors to start out the spring thaw that we are having, LOL!!!!
All Shaded Leaves Bracelets are $19 at Poetica

Anyone ready for Spring?

Warming Trend

~*:: Sarah, Bella and Ginny::*~
~*::Snuggled up::*~
~*:: Safe haven at last::*~

So here they are...Bella and Ginny.  Finally warming up to us.  They are becoming less afraid of us and have started to explore the house in the wee hours of the night.  The poor little angels are so hungry (for so many things I suppose) and really are snuggle bunnies once they settle down.  We  have let them have their space and they don't run from us once they are up on the loveseat in the evening.  Although, Coco really wants to play with them, following them into rooms as they try to hide from him.  Soon, they will be ok with each other, I am sure.  I will keep you updated as days go on...for they are teaching us so many things.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love in the Midst of Fear

~*:: Bella, holding on for dear life::*~

Many of us are afraid of love.  We shake and tremble, even though we are in the safest of hands...the hands of those who love us without conditions, parameters and agendas.  We hold on so tight , petrified of being let go yet wanting to run away simultaneously.  Run anyplace to hide, because it is easier than to give our hearts...funny how that works.

I used to be that above statement.  I did not know how to love.  Superficially, I could love with the best of them...others were putty in my hands.  Yet, true love is what I was lacking.  It's true essence.  It's true meaning always had a way of escaping me...especially at the most important of hours.  Yet, over the years I have been shown what real love really is. 

 My husband has shown me in too many ways to count.  His patience, unparallelled.  His sweetness and calming love, the elixir my burdened heart so desperately needed.

 My children have shown me how to love unconditionally, showering me with kisses and hugs just beacuse they can.  They love me no matter what I look like and want to be next to me, snuggling and giggling just because we can.  Pure love at its best.

 My Mother has shown me how to love, in spite of unkindness and fear...for her history has clouded her heart and closed so many of her doors.  Because of her, I have vowed never too make myself numb and to love with all my heart, whatever the consequences.
Today, CocoBella and Ginny Puff came home with us.  They are scared beyond reason.  Who are these crazy people, anyway?  Yet amidst the fear of the unknown, Bella sat on my lap and let me pet her for almost a half an hour after she tried to hide in the sump pump(which was promptly secured!).  Ginny Puff sat with our Coco had a conversation, after running away three times from my husband...eventually letting him pet her.  She is now out exploring the basement while Bella sits under the futon.

There is no rush, pretty girls...for we love you already.  Your fear will subside and your hearts will open to us.  We just know it!

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone.  May your day be filled with Love, in many forms.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some New Items...

Some new items since I have been busy preparing for kitties and trying to find my way around myself lately.  Thanks for all of your encouraging words...I appreciate them more than you can imagine.  I have made my decision...I must find my right livelihood through my own hands and for my own self.  Now, I have to plan and get my "ducks in a row" so that I can make this dream of mine a reality.  So, for now, enjoy some new pics...they are yet untitled and unpriced.  If you would like, send me some names and maybe I'll use your never know it might be worth your while :)

  I will post about the kitties very soon, so check back in a day or two...I'm sure that there will be plenty to talk about :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Contemplating a Simple Life

As I sat in the sun
on a cold winter morning
I contemplated a
simple life
That allowed
easy rhythms
a nourished soul
a happy heart
a peaceful mind

I thought of
the lack of deadlines
transferred stress of others
quibling over irrelevant things
being treated as if
 I was less than good
a servant to superficial whims and desires
of the selfishly inclined

I thought of these things
and banished them from my heart
for I kow that my path
is only now being laid
brick by brick
my intentions are bringing me forward
my desires are
breaking down doors
every opportunity
a fulfillment of my

I contemplate a
simple life
filled with
the true essence
of myself
following my truest path
The picture is my own of the roses that I bought for myself on my birthday.  Their color was simply stunning and I couldn't say no to them...their color so interesting and different.  Lilac purple with pink and crimson, hints of cream and fuschia.  Hot and cold at the same time...perfect since I have been feeling as if I have been living in the "in Between" again.  Desperately wanting to move forward and upward from all that holds me still in this place of constant giving, without the the ability of my soul to have it filled back up.  A slice of me is becoming a person that I don't that cannot deal with those who would take all from you and give nothing back.  I am trying to be happy, and small things do light my days.  Yet, I know there is going to come a turning point that I can no longer work for someone soul cannot handle it anymore.  So, I am forging ahead to try and thing of all the things that I am good at, how to sell my self and all that I can offer to the world. 

 I am formulating my escape spoonful at a time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Additions Coming Soon!

~*:: The band of rescues by Graciel::::Photo, by Evenstar Art::*~

For those of you who have been following the saga of the stray kitties over at Evenstar Art, you know that these little band of cuties have captured the hearts of all that stop by.  They were resuced by the generous loving heart of Graciel and it is with her doing, these little scoundrels have been led into my life.

After the passing of my Sophie kitty, I knew that we would have to find a playmate for our little Coco.  He is a very social boy(ok, he's a lover) and he sincerely is lost without another playmate.   We figured that we would go to our local SPCA and find someone new in short measure.  All the while, the kitties saga was brewing behind the scenes.  The food, the carpet, the rescues...all for this little band of cuties named Coco, Puff and Creamsicle.

I remember telling Graciel that had Sophie not been sick, I would have taken one of them.  But, I didn't want to compromise any of the time that she had left by bringing someone new into the fold.  Within a week of mentioning this, Sophie took a dramatic turn for the worse...almost as if to say that it was ok for her to go in order for the others to survive. So, I made the decision the adopt both of the girl kitties ..without consulting the Mister.  (Although he was ok with it).

So you're thinking, great.  She's getting two new kitties.  Good for her!  But, today after a sweet suggestive email from Graciel asking if we would consider taking Creamsicle too (along with a heart wrenching picture of them in squalor, mind you) we have decided to take the three of them.  To tell you the truth, the more I kept looking at his picture, the more I wanted him to come home with us too.

 Sweet Cheese we will have 4.  I don't know who the crazier of the the cat ladies is, me or Gracie!

As of now, we will be getting the girls on Valentines Day with the possibility of Creamsicle as well.  I will keep all of you posted as things develop.

The meaning of all this madness for me...I have always wanted a big family.  The closeness that others experienced during their childhood years, I never experienced.  Sure, I had fact I had plenty.  But eventhough I was surrounded by others, I still felt a deep emptiness inside.  Things were never really permanent for us, and there was always someone else's family to spend the holidays with.  I know that they are animals, but they give me a sense of permanancy.  They create a grounding force around me that keeps my home centered.  And soon, I will have 4 in total.

One big happy family.


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