Sunday, February 7, 2010

Contemplating a Simple Life

As I sat in the sun
on a cold winter morning
I contemplated a
simple life
That allowed
easy rhythms
a nourished soul
a happy heart
a peaceful mind

I thought of
the lack of deadlines
transferred stress of others
quibling over irrelevant things
being treated as if
 I was less than good
a servant to superficial whims and desires
of the selfishly inclined

I thought of these things
and banished them from my heart
for I kow that my path
is only now being laid
brick by brick
my intentions are bringing me forward
my desires are
breaking down doors
every opportunity
a fulfillment of my

I contemplate a
simple life
filled with
the true essence
of myself
following my truest path
The picture is my own of the roses that I bought for myself on my birthday.  Their color was simply stunning and I couldn't say no to them...their color so interesting and different.  Lilac purple with pink and crimson, hints of cream and fuschia.  Hot and cold at the same time...perfect since I have been feeling as if I have been living in the "in Between" again.  Desperately wanting to move forward and upward from all that holds me still in this place of constant giving, without the the ability of my soul to have it filled back up.  A slice of me is becoming a person that I don't that cannot deal with those who would take all from you and give nothing back.  I am trying to be happy, and small things do light my days.  Yet, I know there is going to come a turning point that I can no longer work for someone soul cannot handle it anymore.  So, I am forging ahead to try and thing of all the things that I am good at, how to sell my self and all that I can offer to the world. 

 I am formulating my escape spoonful at a time.


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Sweetie love this post. and the flowers on your Birthday (did I miss it?) I do have you close to my heart in my prayers...things will turn out wonderful for you and you know why? Because you are such a glorious beaming give and you give, you help and you help even more. And my believe is that what you give you get back in wait up friend lots of beauty will be on a display right in front of you on your path.

Have a wonderful day sweet Kasia.
Hugs and love Dagmar

Anonymous said...

Oh! I've SO been there before!!!

Hugs to you as you ponder this place ~ and take the steps necessary to save your own life and transition towards the song of your soul.

Jeanne Klaver said...

I feel your pain and frustration because I have been there. When the time finally came to leave my position, I was amazed at all I was offered to stay. Yet I knew I would die inside if I didn't move on. You are wise for all the planning you are doing. Your patience and tenacity will pull you through. Just never, never lose your confidence and self-esteem.


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