Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love in the Midst of Fear

~*:: Bella, holding on for dear life::*~

Many of us are afraid of love.  We shake and tremble, even though we are in the safest of hands...the hands of those who love us without conditions, parameters and agendas.  We hold on so tight , petrified of being let go yet wanting to run away simultaneously.  Run anyplace to hide, because it is easier than to give our hearts...funny how that works.

I used to be that above statement.  I did not know how to love.  Superficially, I could love with the best of them...others were putty in my hands.  Yet, true love is what I was lacking.  It's true essence.  It's true meaning always had a way of escaping me...especially at the most important of hours.  Yet, over the years I have been shown what real love really is. 

 My husband has shown me in too many ways to count.  His patience, unparallelled.  His sweetness and calming love, the elixir my burdened heart so desperately needed.

 My children have shown me how to love unconditionally, showering me with kisses and hugs just beacuse they can.  They love me no matter what I look like and want to be next to me, snuggling and giggling just because we can.  Pure love at its best.

 My Mother has shown me how to love, in spite of unkindness and fear...for her history has clouded her heart and closed so many of her doors.  Because of her, I have vowed never too make myself numb and to love with all my heart, whatever the consequences.
Today, CocoBella and Ginny Puff came home with us.  They are scared beyond reason.  Who are these crazy people, anyway?  Yet amidst the fear of the unknown, Bella sat on my lap and let me pet her for almost a half an hour after she tried to hide in the sump pump(which was promptly secured!).  Ginny Puff sat with our Coco had a conversation, after running away three times from my husband...eventually letting him pet her.  She is now out exploring the basement while Bella sits under the futon.

There is no rush, pretty girls...for we love you already.  Your fear will subside and your hearts will open to us.  We just know it!

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone.  May your day be filled with Love, in many forms.


S. Etole said...

what a wonderful adventure ahead with your new pets ... Happy Valentine's Day

Susan aka Suzula said...

I, too, have adopted cats whose trust I've had to earn. Needless to say, the efforts have been well rewarded...

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Yes yes what a happy story. Gladd the cats are okay and safe with your loving family Kasia.

Pamela Holderman said...

Thank you for taking the leap of faith and showing them unconditional love - something that is new to them. I pray they will realize your love and intent and become the happiest kitties ever! looking forward to updates...


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