Monday, November 10, 2008

Signs and a Rainbow Moon

I have never seen anything like it...a rainbow around the moon. It caught my attention as I was walking into my house tonight after Bell Choir practice (Yes, I am the head ding-a-ling, being the director and all...but hey, someone has to do it). you all know, I have been asking for angelic intervention to help me along the way and to give me some guidance (and hope). After a rough weekend that broke my heart, I desperately needed some sign...just an inkling of keep me going. To know that I was going to be ok.

So, tonight, I received my sign...a rainbow in the dark.
The gleam of all the colors as they reflected ont he thinly veiled, softly moving clouds is almost impossible to literally stopped me in my tracks.

Maybe the angels knew that even in the darkest of spaces there is light. That the miracle of a rainbow can light the way out of the abyss that is forged from years of of putting your expectations on the back burner, waiting for the validation within love and hope that have failed to come.

Thank you my angels. I now see that there is hope out there for me. That I am worthy of the love that I so yearn for. That there is light in my darkest moments.

The Goddess of Hope is smiling.
The pictures are my own vain attempt at capturing the miracle that was in the night sky. The one shaped like a heart was just my unsteady hand trying to find a way to get a great picture, but the message was there for me to see loud and clear.

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From This Moment to That said...

Wow Kasia Blue!! How absolutely wonderful to receive such signs, your evening must have been angelic after that !


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