Sunday, June 8, 2008


Rain has always been beautiful to me.

It's sound is soothing, it's substance nourishing and it's power cleansing.

Today, in efforts to keep my girlish figure, my Husband and I decided to take a bike ride. We're training for the Ride for Roswell...a thirty mile (or more if you're really wacky) ride that raises money to help find ways to cure cancer. (If your heart feels generous and your pocketbook allows, please give to My homepage is listed under Kathy Cummings).
So, since I have committed to the everyday agony of training, I suggested that we go for a ride. And, in all of the "torture" the sky had started to cloud over and we were innundated with huge drops of rain in no time! It was raining so hard that the both of us were literally soaked to the bone. All during this, my husband kept saying "We need to keep pace, we don't want the lightening to get us".
But all I could do
I just kept on laughing to myself, thinking of how much I needed to have all the crap washed away. I had been asking for it for a long time...and here it was in the form a downpour on a Sunday afternoon. By the time we got home I was tired, so very wet, and so very clean.

And, I'll tell you something...if I'm supposed to meet my maker while (grudgingly) exercising to find a cure for an insidious disease, then I guess that God really has a warped sense of humor!

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