Saturday, June 14, 2008


Am I waiting for you to walk in

to save me from the rain

that melts my torturous vanity

that drowns my soul to desparity

Am I waiting for you to take my heart

and dance away the night

it's skirts twirling in flames

like a master with his naive muse

Am I waiting to catch my breath

for I have run ardently from the past

terrorized by its demons and calamity

to be claimed time and again

from a weak heart

Am I waiting for you to make me whole

random pieces of the puzzle

that are force fit into a landscape

that I have come to know as my life

I am unknowing

I am broken

I am willing

I am open

I am waiting

Poem by kasia written June 2008


Essential Yoga said...

This is gorgeous..and sad..and so right on. Your poetry is as stunning as your jewels, my Dear Kasia.

Kasia Blue said...

You are so sweet, thank you!


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