Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Day Has Come To Fly

The day has come to fly

to spread your wings

and glide through the skies

the wind on your back

to lift you higher

The day has come to dance

to begin your journey

of faith and hope

unburdened by past endeavors

free of all obstacles

The day has come to sing

to lift your voice

unto the heavens

like the sweetest songbird

singing its lovers song

The day has come to fly

back home to those who love you

where there is comfort

strength and joy

Outstretch your wings

the little one who has grown

into something so beautiful

you are the creation of love


your day

has come

to fly

I wrote this poem for all of those who finally said goodbye to a place that their heart and souls called home. A place where life's celebrations, trials and sorrows were observed, exalted and ceremonialized. The doors were locked today, shut from all those that would call it their bridge to a higher place. For those of us who have chosen to believe that there is more in life will have one less place to raise their voices, play their voice their intentions in a unified manner.

As the Church doors were locked, beautiful white doves were set free from their barriers...a symbol of God's enduring love. As our parishes merge, we as a spiritual group have chosen the symbol of a butterfly to signify our path of change and growth. For a butterfly starts out as a homely, hairy caterpillar which has to, of no free will, surround itself with a painful layer of protection until it can fulfill its true destiny.

We are very much like that butterfly...surrounded by pain, loss, problems, self doubt and fear. But, we cannot stop our road to destiny. We have to outstretch our wings, poke through every painful barrier until we can see the plan for our road ahead.

The day has come to fly.

Open your soul to the possibility of a new life.

For you are God's destiny.

Poem written by Kasia June 21, 2008. Photos are stock images.

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Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Oh, beautiful Woman...I love this so very much. I have created a link at the bottom of my newest blog post to direct my readers to you.

We have different lives and different circumstances, yet we are in sync. Much love.


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