Monday, July 27, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays...trash talk

~*::{A Black Eyed Susan, led astray from her home, in front of the fence}::*~

A very short time ago
I became angry
out of nowhere it seemed
it was just a simple task
I was asked to perform
and all I felt
was angry

I don't know where
the tidal wave came from
the overbearing sense
of blood boiling release
I simply could not do it


I could not clean up
the mess left behind
from some one else
when my "house"
was full of neglect

My soul simply could not
bear it
my heart too overdrawn
my body full
of bounced checks
the giving well
had just run dry

I just let it ebb and flow
I let it do it's job
and release the trash
that was holding me back
hoping that this time
my heart would be clean


JFKlaver said...

When I first started meditating (a real sitting meditation, about thirty-three years ago), all these horrid, nasty-looking, ugly images started floating out of my head, through my third eye. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, for fear they'd think I was horrid and nasty and ugly. I learned that when we can let these feelings/images pass THROUGH us, we realize they are NOT US. This is a beautiful post.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

I so agree with Jeanne. Everybody has these immages inside. It's a good thing you see them, now you can get rid of them. Clean up. Give the good thoughts some extra space. Be well sweet friend.


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