Friday, July 17, 2009

Back Flips

~*::{The Famous Shamu, at Seaworld}::*~

When life seems to be way too much...
When you have too many obligations and not enough time...
As you complain about all that you don't have, but haven't looked at all of your riches...
Or just when you feel blue...

Think of all the creatures that live their lives in captivity. Think about their lack of freedom. They are spectacles and novelties, doing backflips for a few fish. How do we liken our lives to these creatures? Are we encapsulated in glass walls just waiting to get to the other side? We can see it, but have the barriers (self imposed or not) that hold us back? What little fish do you crave and what would you do to get them?

I have a strange dualistic love hate feeling about zoos and the like. I always feel more drained when I return, feeling saddened by the fact that we have put these beautiful creatures behind glass bars. I know that as a society we are enamoured with the mystery of others...animals, creatures, aliens, you name it. But I can't help feeling sorry for them. Oh no, now I'm going to start singing Free Willie LOL

I was glad that I got a chance to see Shamu. He reminded me of all the barriers in my life. He reminded me that I can be glorious, if I only believe in myself. I can be awe inspiring just like him. He remided me not to go for the Little Fish, but to aim higher and get the Big One for all of the hard work that I do. He reminded me to keep on my path and to take some chances.
I felt a strange kinship with you Shamu...maybe we swam the salty seas in a life long past. If I could have, I would have given him a big hug and opened the gates!

~*::{Set yourself free from all of the glass barriers that hold you back and live the life you have always dreamed of. You won't regret it!}::*~

1 comment:

Kamana said...

what a fabulous shot!

i feel the same way about zoos and aquariums.


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