Sunday, July 19, 2009

Inspired Life Lesson #7...Messages & a Worthy Cause

~*::{Clematis from My Garden}::*~

This week's lesson has to do with asking and receiving. With asking and being open to the messages that have been given to you. This week, ask the questions ...and wait for the answers to come. Be aware of the little signs and signals that give you clues to what is coming your way. Be open to the messages that you get, some may be big and others as subtle as a breeze. Open your mind and heart to all of the possibilities and your deepest desires will be answered. Also, be open to the possibility that what you think that you want and what is best for you are not one in the same. And, last but not least, be very careful what you wish for :)

~*::{Reflections from last week}::*~

In lieu of my normal reflections of last week, I ask youto consider taking part in a wonderful project that has been sponsored by the Etsy community. It's called Etsy Project Embrace where the participating artisans on Etsy dodnate a part or all of their proceeds on selected items in their shops (simply click here and search for etsyprojectembrace). I am one of those participating artisans and have two lovely ladies that my participation is dedicated Mother in Law Barbara and my Darling Graciel's Mother, Mama Wood. They are both in the throes of this disease, one fighting valiantly and the other saying her last good-byes.

Please support this cause in any way you can...buying items, donating your money or time, or by simply passing this blog post to anyone that might be able to give in any capacity.

In addition to the three items that I have listed in my Kasiablue shop on Etsy, I will donate my proceeds on any item in either of my shops, Kasiablue or Poetica, to this cause when someone mentions "Inspired Life" in the notes to seller portion of their purchase.

Every measure of generosity, monetary or not, is needed to help support all of the brave souls that have and will fight this disease. Thank you for reading my blog and for passing this on to anyone that you can.

xo Kasia

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Graciel said...

thank you, Darling. so much.

big smooches and love.


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