Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rock Week Day 4 - Labradorite

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Ah, here we are again, back with a new found favorite...Labradorite.  This stone is simply enchanting.  I love the fact that it looks unassuming and dark, almost lackluster, then POW! it shocks you with a brilliant flash of blue, green, yellow and red.  I call it the stone of the unexpected just because of this magical quality.  This feldspar based stone is named after the region that it was first foundin the Labrador Peninsula of Canada.  It's brilliant flashes of layered color is called labradoresence and it simply, totally can mesmerize your soul.
Labradorite's element is Wind and it is beneficial to all of the chakras.
A little bit about Labradorite:
The gem labradorite has been associated with magic, awakening one's magical powers when worn or used in manifestation.  This powerful stone helps one to see time elements in the form of past, present and future, allowing for cross over int o different realms.  Labradorite is also a very protective stone.  It creates a somewhat of a "force field" throughout the aura, shielding the wearer from those who would tap into and drain your energy.  The first "high end" piece of jewelry that I made for myself contained a mix of labradorite, andalusite, kyanite and smoky quartz.  Upon wearing it out in public for the first time, I felt very strange, almost as if I had a barrier around me (no lie!) and found it very hard to intereact with many of the other people that had attended the function that day.  It was only later on that I discovered, after some research,  that the labradorite force field was in full effect! (along with some grounding  and balancing).  I didn't know about the magnificent power of gemstones until that day, but boy, do they work!
Labradorite also assists us in filling the void, so to speak...somewhat of filling in the blank when we ask all of those deep metaphysical questions.  It also helps healers to see disease patterns and brings forth a higher awareness to the soul by accessing the full visualization capability of the third eye. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this installment of rock week!  Tomorrow...Peace Rocks!


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

THIS is my favorite! Especially since the first major piece of jewelry I bought from you was a necklace with a labradorite amulet. It truly is like having a guardian along when kept in a pocket, on a neck or a nightstand.

Your rock week ,Sister Blue, is magnificent.


Sarah said...

I just love these descriptions of the power of stones. I bought my Mum a labradorite necklace many years ago and she wears it a lot. I will have to tell her about it! I am going to get my two small labradorite rings out to wear to work next week as I have a need of that kind of protection at the moment. Thank you so much for all this rocky wisdom.
Sarah x


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