Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays...Rock Week Begins

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So Here it Begins....Rock Week.  When I heard about rock week, in the back room behind closed doors, I automatically said "sign me up"!  You see, I have been a rock hound all of my life.  I have picked rocks up off the ground, searching for treasure everywhere I go...little pebbles that glistened in the sun.  As I have gotten older, my obsession has refined itself in to things sublimely more sparkling (and expensive).
So, in honor of rock week, I give you a selection of my absolute favorite stones with a little tidbit about what they mean and how they work in your lives.
The first installment starts with the four beauties pictured above...gorgeous slices of banded agate druzy.  Druzy means that the crystals that have formed in the rock or mineral are still exposed and not smoothed out for shine and polish.  Natural crystal beauty at its best.  What I like the best is that each one is different and has it's own special characteristics that make it sparkle.
A little bit about banded agates:  The above slices are a combination of grey and pink agates, with swirling colors of pink, grey, cream, black and amber.  Agate stones are said to be a great stone for the relief of stored energy, helping fatigue and malaise.  Their name is derived from the Achetes River in Sicily that was a storehouse for this particular stone in ancient times.  The family of agate stones has a variety of names as well that you might find familiar including chalcedony (one of my favorites),banded chalcedony, moss agate, and blue lace agate.  These stones are of the quartz mineral family and their banding is determined by specific metals or minerals that were found in the ground during rock formation.  Each one is unique and different, just like us! 
If you are using these stones in a metaphysical way, take note that agates vibrate at a lower energy and are great for transitional work with a conjunction of other stones, creating energy bridges. 
Pink agate stones are part of the pink ray and help with restlessness, calming of the nervous system and helping you to see the "whole picture".  They are a feminine stone and are associated with the heart and sacral chakras.
Gray Banded Agate (or Bothswana Agate - named after the country of it's primary sourcing) is a part of the gray ray that is positioned to the sacral chakra.  This stone is great for the release of stored energy as well as being mildly grounding.
I hope that you have enjoyed your first installment...tomorrow we'll talk about kyanite!


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

I am loving your interpretation of rock week, Sister Blue. Looking so forward to more.


Sarah said...

Your jewellery is beautiful. I don't know a lot about the power of crystals so am looking forward to finding out more. I did once have a beautiful piece of amethyst crystal which really made me feel calm to hold-but can you believe-considering I hardly ever lose things-I lost it! I should get another piece.
I still love finding pebbles on the beach but also love a bit of sparkle too!
Happy rock week!


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