Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rock Week Day 3 - Rutilated Quartz

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Today is the day that I introduce you to one of my newest friends, Rutilated Quartz.  My growing penchant for this stone has been somewhat of a quandry to me, since I am a true blue girl all the way.  Yet, somehow this haphazard, wild and glowing stone has captured my attention, and my heart.
As you can tell by now, I rely solely on my natural instincts when it comes to picking out gemstones.  I go for what feels right and what I feel I can't live without (which is quite disconcerting to my husband, because he can hear the credit card screaming as I take part in gem-a-palooza).This year as I was making out my list of "must have's", rutilated quartz was number one on my list!  One of my favorite qualities that rutilated quartz possesses is that each stone will never be the same as the next...almost like Mother Nature's fingerprints have been encapsulated in these petite, sparkly wonders.
A little about Rutilated Quartz:
This enchanting stone is generally made up from clear or smokey quartz crystals that have a variety of rutile, or strand like, inclusions that form in random patterns creating a striated, mesh like imprint throughout the stone.  The rutile inclusions(made from titanium dioxide) can come in a variety of colors ranging from golden yellow(the most common) to green, copper, brown and black(also known as tourmalinated quartz ~ where the rutile element is from black tourmaline). It's element is storm and it is useful for every chakra by helping to balance and equalize.
Rutilated quartz is a stone of immense energy.  Some even say that they can feel it buzz in their hands!  Talk about power!  The special thing about this stone is that it is highly programmable (due to the quartz crystal) and because of the rutile inclusions, it's power is amplified by the amount and concentration of the strands in the stone.  This magnificent stone also helps to bring about attunement of the soul and amplifies your intentions quickly, helping you to manifest on a grander level.  It's superior qualities include heightening intuition, emotional catharsis, the expansion of consciousness and interdimentional travel.  It helps to balance all of the chakras and equalizes your energetic field, making you more receptive to insights and spiritual inspiration.
How can you not love this stone?  One caveat though, this stone is not for everyone.  Many can't wear this stone since it carries great strength.  Even though it is great for equalizing, many people can't handle the quick work that rutilated quartz will do.  So, if you are a novice to this stone, choose one with less rutilation and more quartz will  be much gentler on your psyche.  I promise!
I hope that you have found this stone as intriguing as I have.  Tomorrow's installment...Labradorite!

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Sarah said...

Interesting. I don't own any of this stone but will treat it woth caution if I acquire any! I do have a lovely piece of labradorite though so will get that out ready to read about its qualities tomorrow!


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