Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Messages From Goddesses

I love my Goddess Cards. They are beautiful, glorious symbols of encouragement every day. Ancient symbols of feminine power handed down through the ages, from times long gone when the female form was not worshipped for her physicality, but her knowledge, power and strength.
The other afternoon, I was fooling around and playing with them...shuffling them, thinking of things (intentions) and the like. These four ladies came about to send some messages that I definitely needed to hear.
From Sekhmet: Be Strong
From Bast: Independence
Green Tara: Start Delegating
Sige: Quiet Time
If you ever get to know me in person you would find that I am a whirlwind most of the time...just never standing still. Always looking for the next thing, moving on to new horizons. It is only as of late that I have started to consider that maybe I should be just a little gentler to myself, a tiny bit kinder...a little more forgiving. Maybe starting to live in the present moment, to be open to what is right before my eyes, makes this gentler lifestyle a little more feasible and palatable.
There are many messages that have come my way in the past few months. Some strong, some weak, some ignored and some acted upon with swift fervor. I will continue to seek these messages, for I have found that I am not the same 'ol gal I used to be :)
Here are some of the strongest inclinations of Angel voices whispering in my ear:
~ Do what you love, live what you love, be love. I am trying hard every day...although when I have mean and nasty customers at my pay the bills job, it is a little difficult :D
~ I must do something that has to involve religion, organized or not. This came to me while I was sitting in Church on Ash Wednesday trying to hold it together and not just start sobbing right then and there. What am I supposed to do specifically? No clue. So, I'm holding on to that one until further instructions are given.
~ I must also do something holistically to help others. I am a Medicinal Chemist by education, but no longer work in that field. (In fact, I cut the cheese for a living he, he) And, truthfully, I love science. Just ask Gracie! I pour out useless bits of information to the point of her zzzzzzzz snore (but, always done with the most loving and graceful manner I must add). Truthfully, I can't explain what exactly my mission in this, but all I know is that I have to find a way to make people feel better the natural way. A friend of mine named Barbara did tell me that I was an alchemist in a past life...who knew?
~ I must live a gentler life. How should I do this? I'm sure that the answer is layered in actions that are loving, kind and satisfying to my soul. Each layer necessary for growth and change. I've actually had a hankering to live in the Country, the city gal that I am. I wish to forgo the chatter and backstabbing neighbors. I wish to forgo the traffic and constant urban "hum" that clouds my mind. I wish to forgo driving to work (ok, that has many layers to it).
So how does this tie into those four lovely ladies at the top? They tell me that I am on the right path. They say, know yourself and your life's path will unfold swiftly beneath your feet. They say, don't do everything...there are others here to help you (on so many levels). They say, have strength and believe in yourself, for you are wiser than you think.
Come to know the real you and then you will have your wings to fly.

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Katie said...

I just loved this posting so much. I've been there before, absolutely. I just keep thinking, "Be gentle with yourself." You are a very precious spirit, and I am so glad to be reading your postings :)


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