Thursday, June 11, 2009

From the Heart

This is the Summer of Pink and Yellow, of sunshine and love, of passion and friendship.

This is the season of unfolding your wings, and soaring to the highest mountaintops.

This is the time to discover your personal power, fueled by love's mighty purpose.

This is the moment to discover your true potential that blooms at the center of a flower...the heart and soul of your being.

Let your silken petals unfold to reveal all that you possess.

Let your motion be steadfast, for your heart is protected from scavengers.

Let your armaments fall and your walls crumble, for your beauty will weaken even the strongest aggresor.

This is the summer of pink and yellow...let the power of your love shine through all that you do.


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

You betcha, my Darling Kasia! This summer we exchange our tried and true blue for pink and OMG (!)Yelloooooooow! Love and personal power is us. ;)


Kasia Blue said...

I'm right there with you sistah! See you in the morning :)

JFKlaver said...

Beautiful photos and thoughts. I will enjoy this!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh I'm sorry I've made you cry. Although some times it's a good cry isn't. I'm so gladd we found eachother and our lifes touches. And it's great to see others have found there soulmates too. Hugs.

Thanks for this great post, I'll needed those words today I think. I'll let them swift trough my thoughts the whole day. Let my day be pink with a golden heart.


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