Thursday, June 4, 2009

Textures of the zoo ~ Revealed and a winner too!

So here they are! The textures revealed...
From top to bottom:
1. The skin of an elephant trunk
2. A banana leaf with dew on it
3. The trunk of a tree in the Rainforest Exhibit...with a praying man, Mary and or a dragon in it. I didn't notice the images until my Sarah pointed the "Lady" out. Just neat.
4. A pirannah! I took the picture through glass and the way it came out was just so neat. That was a tough one, I know!
5. The center of a peony.
And, the winner is....our lovely friend Dagmar from Barefoot From Heaven! She had the closest guesses. Please email me at to exchange our info.
Thanks so much for playing with me. I am already plotting my next brain teaser :)

1 comment:

Barefoot from Heaven said...

I WON! Thank you Kasia. I've just send you an email as you've aksed. Looking forward of what's happening now. See You.


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