Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight ~ Craving Orange at Cafe Lola

Cafe Lola...Tableside

When was the last time that you craved orange? The color, the flavor, the texture? If you're looking to get a quick fix for all of your senses, then my suggestion is a stop at Cafe Lola on Third Street in Niagara Falls, NY. Owned by my friend Michael, this inspired little slice of orange heaven is sure to tempt your tastebuds!

Sweet Potato Fries

Michael is a fine fellow that decided that not being able to live his dream, his passion was not an option any longer. Throwing caution to the wind, with a dream and a plan in his hand, he ventured off from the "security" of a regular job and literally took the plunge (although some might have thought that his better bet would be to go over the Falls in a barrel). I'm sure that anyone that stops by for a decadent, yet affordable treat, will be glad that he kept his head in the clouds and his dreams firmly planted on the ground.
Fried Boursin with Raspberry Coulis

From Sweet Potato Fries that are out of this world, to fried Bousin Cheese with raspberry coulis and Portabello Mushroom Paninis, Cafe Lola's Menu has a little (or a lot) or something for everyone! Even your wee ones can get a special treat from the kids menu with maybe a Gelato or Italian Ice for a sweet ending to a fine meal.

Stop by Cafe Lola for Lunch (Monday ~ Saturday) and Dinner (Thursday ~ Saturday) and let Michael know that I sent you!

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