Thursday, January 31, 2008

Monet's Garden

I have been enamoured by watercolors. Always. Limpid pools of blue, purple, and green...transparent, translucent and cool. Even though my infatuation with orange continues, I never hesitate to return to my hearts true love.

Whistfully she walked through the garden, amongst the lavender and iris. She would never see this place again, for in the morrow her true life's journey would begin. Oh, but to capture this vision in her mind for one last moment. Days of joy and blissful abandon forsaken for one man's whimsy. She would never be the same again...

~~~~Materials~~~~~Kyanite heart cut teardrops~Peridot elongated drops and faceted rondelles~Tanzanite faceted rondelles~Amethyst faceted rondelles~Rutilated quartz round beads~Fiery Labradorite rounds~Sterling silver oval link, findings and infinity chain

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