Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day One

Hi Everyone! I'm new to this...so be patient. As this unfolds, I plan to make this a place to share ideas, links, commentaries and whatever else comes along this long, meandering road of life!

Just to introduce myself...

I'm first and foremost, a Mom to two fabulous daughters! They are the apples of my eye! Smart, funny and so full of energy that I sometimes think that all of mine went to them!

Also, I'm a jewelry designer! (Who knew?). Actually, I'va always loved stones, rocks and all of the sparkly stuff that goes along with it! Check out my Etsy Mini shop linked to here. I'll also be listing some other local talent...so keep looking!

And, for day one...a little inspiration...

Every dream is a design...

Every design a dream...

Live your dreams!

That is the motto that brought me out of a rough 2007.

Don't forget, the things that happen by chance are the open windows we're looking for when all doors are closed.

Thanks for stopping by!


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