Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Good Day - Giving Thanks

Did you ever have a day when things were just nice? That things went your way? Well, yesterday was a good day!
Here is my laundry list of a day!

~A friend of mine gave me a pair of earrings (for good luck, no less)
~ I got a raise at work (would have liked more, but still more than I had before)
~I had a very interseting discussion with a client of mine regarding jewelry(which is not my primary schlep to work job) and ways of generating revenue
~ a co-worker showed me so many ways to get my internet skills up to par (really basic, I have been missing so much !)
~ my Husband bought me a camera (who knew this would happen after a lengthy discussion about being cautious with money)
~ and I came home to a warm and loving family.

Please understand that days like these are far and few between! If every day were like this, we would definitely not appreciate the sweetness that is felt when things are going your way.

So, in effort to say thanks for all of the great things that come our way, big or small, I'm sending this out to the universe...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for:
~warm hugs and kisses
~gentle, knowing smiles of reassurance
~a voice to sing (even if it is off key!)
~the ability to make a difference in someone's life (even if we don't know we do)
~gifts and talents, known and unknown
~friends, soul sisters and other random partners in crime
~wine, fireplaces, and adult conversation
~an open mind
~cheese, glorious cheese
~the opportunity to become my own true self

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