Thursday, January 17, 2008

Flow Through

I know, I think that I spelled it incorrectly. But, I am coining a new phrase...Flow Through. Everyone talks about having follow through and all that other "I'm responsible" garbagiole (gar-bah-gee-ohl...Kasia speak for all things crap laden) but, thanks to a wonderful dinner with my friend Gracie, new things have come into being.

Our itinerary was to go out and do some business planning, girl talk and whatever else happened to come our way. Intent on having Middle Eastern cuisine, we met at a small little restaurant and it was...gasp...closed! Not forever, but just on a random Wednesday. Didn't they know we had plans??? We had so looked forward to having all those delectable spices and couscous and falafel and spectacular aromas and baklava and...and...nothin'! I think that the diet gods were definitely conspiring against me chanting harmoniously down in diet hell "no baba ghanouj for you! , no baba ghanouj for YOU!".

So, we decided on a small Italian restaurant around the corner. It turned out to be cafeteria heaven, where all lunch food comes to die after a tortured tenure with Sister Mary Eat Your Food or You'll go to Hell for Starving the Poor African Feed the Children with Sally Struthers. (Does anyone remember Sally Struthers or am I dating myself?) Anyway, the food was OK, the wine was slightly reminiscent of sweetened cherry cough syrup (looked like it too!) and they gave us enough food to feed all of those poor children for a whole year! But, the best thing that came out of last night was "flow through"...well, it was a tie for the Aldi's chocolate, but that was the self serving part of the night and we're not writing about that now.

My pal Gracie has been doing yoga for a while now (Bless her flexible little soul!) and before you have to start your session, you set an intention. Well hers was something like being able to handle all things that come her way and being flexible to what the outcomes will know, going with the flow. Well, as we all know, be careful what you wish for because you will get it! (Pay attention to this, because it is true!). So, when the restaurant was closed, she chalked it up to going with the flow, again. As dinner went on, we had a fabulous time and talked about everything and anything, with only about 2 whole seconds related to business (we're doing a trade show in April so we have to plan our space out, etc., etc. - more details on that to come later). But, the one thing that kept coming to the surface was "going with the flow" and taking things more easily, with less resistance to the circumstances that are being presented.

So, here is the official definition of Flow Through:

~~~ones ability to take all things, whether real or imagined, with grace and dignity; to be able to let the emotions of a situation roll past you, and away from you i.e. "flowing through" a situation, letting your spirit create the buoyancy needed to sustain rough waters; not caring, in the sense of not adding layers of stress in order to do more than is necessary, because what you are doing is already good enough.

Who knew it could be that easy?

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