Thursday, January 24, 2008

Teacher, Teacher

There has been a pervasive thread running through my week...teaching children.

My beautiful daughters and I went to our local girl scout troop to partake in a bead bonanza tonight! After a few bouts of the dropsies (mostly by me...) You know the scenario...child makes beautiful bracelet, gives it to adult to finish, the adult(quite adeptly I might add) drops the bracelet and beads scatter everywhere! After about three re-dos we figured out a system to make the bracelet night allright. I talked about how important it was to do what you loved and to make the world a better place. All that fun stuff that you think goes right over their heads. They all thanked me at the end of the night for "teaching them".

At my other, more glamorous (hahaha) job, we offer nutritional education classes for 4 year olds. It was my turn to give one this week, and all went well of course. The kids had a great time and I got to be the "fun" part of their day. Once the tour was finished, the person in charge of the classes came to me and asked if I had been a teacher. Well, the answer was no, of course...I just did what comes naturally to me. No show, no pretense...I just had fun.

My lovely friend Gracie told me earlier in the week that she sees me working with little girls, helping them to become great women. Showing them about fashion, makeup and all the girly stuff, but being a role model also (those might not have been her exact words, but that was what I got out of it).

Tonight's epiphany moment did not come in the form of scattered came in the smiles of gratitude from those little girls. It came from my daughters, who said that they had such a great time with their Mommy and all of their new friends. It came from my explanation of Pasteurization to a bunch of 4th graders ....a culmination of the teaching ability that I never realized I had. Using my degree in Medicinal Chemistry...priceless....well, pretty expensive, but that's a whole 'nother story!

I guess they're right...I'm a teacher.

Does this mean I need to make lesson plans?

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Graciel of Evenstar Art said...

You teach me every day just what true friendship is about.


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