Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Winds of Change???

Normally, I like the wind.
Normally, it likes me too.

Today was not a day of mutual love.

Western New York had some pretty bad wind storms last night...a lot of power outages, broken tree limbs, upturned trellises, burning transformers ( to my gal pal Linda Lou...God Bless Ya!). It was a night for upheaval and change.

How can something that has such restorative power, create so much damage? One wonders why all the destruction? Is it all necessary?

Sometimes, it is.
I have never really believed that dismanteling all that makes your world whole, in order to rebuild, such a wise idea. Why go through all the crap, the sewage of our souls, just for the hell of it. Pondering, dwelling on imperfections and lack of success, making our skeltons dance like it was Halloween on a speed ball cocktail. 2007 was famous for being just that. Not only for myself, but for a lot of my dear 'ol buddies.

Well, sometimes we don't have a choice in the matter, I suppose. Life hands us just what we need, then sends in the winds of change to wipe everything away just so we can begin anew. Many of us have felt this change, this feeling in the air that this year is going to be different. Don't know how, or why. Maybe it's just the wind working some of its old fashioned charm on us...making us believers that change is...good.

Now for the real reason that the wind was not my friend ...
Every time that I tried to take a blinkin' picture of my jewelry to post on Etsy, it howled and blew so hard that all my efforts were futile. Not to mention that my camera sucks, and that was the only reason that I was outside in the first place, taking pictures amidst the pre-quell to the Wizard of Oz.

I need a better camera.

I'm working on a better life.

I'm starting to feel a breeze.....

Visit Etsy's Main showacase tomorrow...I'll be one of the featured sellers!!!

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