Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Here is the latest installment of Kasia-speak. I have recently coined the term ~ gemgasm. What an extraordinary word! My first real gemgasm happened in August of 2007, when I went o my first gem trade show and bought a strand of mystic topaz fancy briollettes. Ohhhh, they were beautiful and I knew that once I felt them, they would be going home with me (much to Gracie's chagrin!). The second time was more recent, just a few days ago when I received my order of carnelian marquise drops. I hurriedly opened up the package, tearing it open like a ravenous beast...and lo and behold...there they were...just beautiful.

As a designer, I never really know what type of things that my heart and soul will turn out...over this I have no control. I only buy what I am told to buy, instinctively. So, today I was mulling over my carnelian and trying to figure out what lovely morsel I would be creating with them...and then it happened. I started putting things together and in a matter of about 1/2 an hour...there it was. I couldn't stop shaking! My heart was pounding and I was in awe...of myself. Did I really make this?

He had taken the necklace from his pocket, placing it there for safe keeping the night before. It was rare and exquisite, just like her skin. He would see her in a few moments...the anticipation of her love stirred the desire from within him. Holding it up into the city lights, he saw the stones flash with brilliant scintillation...they reminded him of the fire in her eyes when they kissed.

Gem Grade hand set Andesine Labradorite approx. 0.25carats 10K gold setting
~Faceted Carnelian marquise shaped drop and faceted rondelles
~Brown Zircon faceted rondelles
~Freshwater pearls in creamsicle and honey
~gold filled wire and beads~Gold Vermeil oval link
~Solid 10K gold fine chain

The Gemagasm Collection: a beautiful collection of high quality, gem grade one of a kind pieces that make your heart beat faster, your cheeks flush and your hands shake the moment you feel them on your skin. Warning~these are not for them faint of heart!

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