Saturday, February 9, 2008

How to Pick Elderberries

This post is in memory of a dear old friend of ours...Don. We received the news today that he has left this crazy world to be with his loving wife up in the heavens...we will miss him dearly. He was a sweet old gentleman that loved to tell stories and loved to eat food (although we really don't know where he put it in that small frame of his)!.
One story that he liked to tell was how to pick elderberries. Now as you may, or may not, know...elderberries are very small berries that grow wild. To pick them would take hours and hours to fill a small basket. Don always said that you need to rip the branch off and comb the berries off with a you were brushing hair.

May God speed your path to the light of heaven with the grace of the angels to lift your way.


amy said...

What a sweet way to remember someone, and I love the imagery of combing the berries as you would comb hair. Sounds very caring, which isn't something you'd generally think when thinking about harvesting fruit.

Kasia Blue said...

Thanks Amy! He was a sweet dear man, full of love and friendship. My husband and I always made sure that he took home the "extras" when we attended functions together.

Thank you for reading my blog...hope to hear from you agian soon.


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