Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Days of Wine and Roses

I am very tired today, for I have spent my day making sure that many will have a day filled with wine and roses.

Not just any roses, but roses handled with love, care and humor. People (mostly men), filing in to make their sweethearts day...or to make ammends for being in the doghouse...or to find a trinket to make their loved one smile.

Sitting on my perch in the front of our little market place, I am surrounded by bountiful color. Pinks so vibrant that you need sunglasses just to glance in the their direction. Red petals so rich, that even velvet would appear rough to the touch. Orange blazing with fire, coral like it was pulled from the oceans deep and yellow like fresh lemons being picked from their branches.

I have to admit, that even among all this beauty, I was a little cranky. Maybe it was because of all the pomp and circumstance involved in one day that, in the whole scheme of things, seems like a monetary sinkhole. Maybe it was because I was hungry (this diet thing sucks). Maybe it was because not everyone in the world has the luxury of these treats...and that maybe not everyone deserves them, even though they think that they do. Or maybe that those who do deserve them, will never know the joy of receiving them.

So here are my wise words for Valentines Day 2008...Kasia style
Isn't it better to:
~ say I love you everyday, and mean it?
~leave a love note (or email or text is 2008 you know) just because you can, not because you should.
~ give a hug and a kiss because it feels good.
~have "date night" with a glass of wine, some goodies and the one that you want and love.
~ give someone roses because it is a random Thursday and you really thought that it would make their day.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.
May your day be filled with wine and roses.

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