Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

It's amazing how things turn out, isn't it? You think that something is done and over, that the end is near and somehow... it turns around. How is it that most people only see the ending in things without seeing the beginning in something brand new? Maybe we are conditioned that way. Maybe our vision is too clouded by the perception of expectations and obligations. Why can't we feel the breeze?

I used to think that Endings...separations, break ups, whatever little hearbreak that falls into that category...were a permanent conclusion to our life's story. Yet, in the recent months, I have learned that to be the greatest untruth ever told! Some things must end in order for us to begin anew... new projects, jobs, loves, destinies...whatever. I have always feared the finite conclusions that have been thrust upon our everyday lives...the permanency was too staggering to comprehend. So, to hedge my bets I became the quitter and avoider...sabotaging every good effort with doubt, self criticism and disdain. I wasn't good enough, worthy enough, skinny enough, pretty enough...never measuring up to all of the impossible standards in my mind.

Last year, I rounded a personal corner in terms of self love and independence. I decided that what I did was good enough...maybe even better than I thought. I have been inspired by the angels that surround me to keep the faith and to trust my "inner voice"...a voice that I have always heard, but had tuned out because it wasn't speaking the mainstream language of the day. Because I have listened to this voice, I have started to live my dreams...creating, sharing, laughing, loving. I am doing everything that I want to do, because I can. That is what I am made up to do...be my best self (all imperfections and criticisms be damned!).

Today, I bought my domain name. It is a huge step for me...I have bought into my dreams, now I am making them a reality. There's no turning back now! The end of my old self has brought forth the beginning of something, and someone, beautiful.

Check out www.kasiablue.com ! It'll be up and running soon.


suelcookies said...

Congrats on your momentous step in your endeavor. You are my inspiration.

Kasia Blue said...

Thanks Suzie! We all inspire each other...don't forget that!


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