Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have been struggling with to take them, edit them, what is the best light....all the things that I have never thought would become my reality. In fact, I never really liked taking pictures. I am definately a point and shoot person. The easier the better.

So, with this foray into becoming my own boss, I have had to make the leap into being a photographer. Not a great one (just yet), but passable. In fact, I have found that its somewhat addictive. Over the past few days I have taken over 368 pictures of my jewelry. I filled the memory card once and had to dump a few to keep moving because the light was just so perfect.
Truthfully, I'm pretty proud of myself. Who knew that the Polish Princess could be so...self sufficient? I am finding out so much about myself ....and learning that, I like it!

What are you learning about yourself?

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