Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year...Snow Days, Words and New Beginnings

~*::The stream behind my home...can you see the snow falling?::*~

The snow was gently falling that day.  The stream had frozen over and everything was covered with a generous, prisitine fluffy blanket.  It was on this snowy day that I picked the words that will symbolize my year to come.  I know that I'm only supposed to pick one, but they just kept on coming at me, fast and furious.
So I give you my Words of 2010...

Each one symbolizes an aspect of me that I have to work on or a part that I need to support. play more and enjoy more of what life has to offer.  With working a full time job and having my own business, I feel that I sometimes (ok, more often than not) neglect that happy part of me that wants to be a kid and make snow angels.  I need to be more like that little girl that so desperately just wants to laugh and be free to run with the wind in her hair.  This year, I will have fun. keep those nasty naysayers at bay that lurk deep down inside and love to make oscar worthy cameo appearances just when I think that I can do anything.  Most often, they win and I keep wondering if anyone got the license plate of the bus that just hit me!  Even today, I have doubts about what will happen later in the day (a llittle secret that I can reveal at another, more appropriate time).  Am I good enough to sell myself and my abilities to the highest bidder?  This year, I will be fearless.

Fruitful...the word of 2009 was bloom.  I spent the whole year growing and learning, unfurling my petals so that the world could see the potential inside.  This year, I need to take that beautiful bloom and let it turn into the ripe fruit that will allow me to reap the harvest of life.  Even  as the blossom is beautiful, it will not sustain and nourish.  It is only the fruit of that sweetly scented blossom that can satisfy the body, mind and spirit.  This year, I will be frutiful.

Forward...this is the year for momentum.  Many lessons have been learned in the past year...some difficult and others just as reaffirmations.  Yet, each on has let me create motion, forward motion, to fulfilling my soul destiny.  I am not there yet.  That is ok.  But, the puzzle pieces that have started to come together last year are now making a picture that has some clarity, some direction.  That direction is forward.

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